Smooth Random from the 2hp RND and two speeds of LFO from Divkid Instruo Ochd going into the Ai Synthesis Matrix Mixer​ and splitting different amounts off around the system. This is mainly for tweaking the Danny Sound​ Timbre​ which I'm really enjoying, tone is controlled simply by the 2hp Tune being plugged into the Befaco EvenVCO and one of the blended outputs from the Matrix mixer is sort of fluttering the Bias knob on the 2hp Tune. There is also some non-Timbre sound split off from the Even VCO that goes through the Omsonic FLF filter. Effects are Monsoon Clouds just for Reverb on the Timbre feed then 2hp Verb on the filter output.
Percussion from Roboux LL8 / DNi Pro DOT, ADDAC103, Patching Panda Hatz and claps and snares from Roland TR09.

Cheers for listening :)

And a remix!

*Additions of more variation on the patterns from the TR-09 and a Bass note from the MakeNoise STO.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Wow, this is great fun! You draw my attention and I landed in my listening chair with this track (the first one). You got some of the percussions nicely positioned in the stereo-field, really nice!

The bass has a real nice punch to it, love it!

Thank you very much for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks again for listening from your Listening Chair :)