Those of you who have the Mannequins W/ and are unaware of this just like I was: there's a totally new beta fw out there which transforms the module into something completely different: there are 3 different engines - W/Tape (most of the original tape functions are available), W/Syn (a polyphonic 2-op, 4-voice FM synth) and W/Del (vari-speed delay+looper with modulation).
I, for one like the new engines a lot better than the original (and very obscure) tape engine, though I have yet to figure W/Tape out as I couldn't get it work (I may have a corrupted micro SD card or do something wrong...). However, both W/Syn and W/Del are amazing and seem to work as described. The delay is very lo-fi and sounds crazier, in a very good way, than any delay I've worked with before. The FM-synth is also pretty wild and harsh, noisy and metallic, I like it a lot. Now W/, so far used intermittently, has become so much more than it originally was.

Here's where you'll find the fw and all the info: