hi everyone!

i recently was gifted the intellijel 62hp palette, but i'm a beginner and would really appreciate some feedback/guidance/recommendations for modules+accessories that could help me create ambient music. even some tips for figuring how to get all these toys to talk to each other for a smooth recording process would be great. i'm also open to buying another case dedicated for hands-on controllers to actually play the music.

i've already pre-ordered the following modules:
- pamela's new workout
- zadar
- morphagene

i'd like to use the following:
- (intellijel 1u modules that came with the palette, but am open to suggestions)
- monome grid (when they open up pre-orders)
- monome norns shield
- arturia keystep
- teenage engineering op-z
- chase bliss audio blooper
- fairfield circuitry shallow water
- tascam porta one

modules i am interested in:
- monome anisble
- monome crow
- mannequins just friends
- mannequins mangrove
- make noise mimeophon
- hermod
- make noise qpas
- mutable instruments plaits
- ornament and crime
- intellijel plonk
- alm squid salmple

here's a link to my modulargrid setup for the time being:
ModularGrid Rack

thanks so much for reading, i love the community and i can't wait to learn more! rip wallet also lol.

Problem is, 62 hp isn't very much space at all...and you're wanting to do some texturally-complex music. You've got two options that I can see here...

1) Jam it full of the right modules in under 4 hp sizes. This will make what you want fit...but the control ergonomics will be hellish.


2) Follow your friend's lead and get rid of that tiny cab, then do a proper build.

One thing that you see all the time are new modular users who think that you can build the equivalent of Hans Zimmer's "Moog wall" in a 1-row cab. Aaaaaaaand...you can't, not to anyone's surprise. I mean...look at the screenshot above. Three often-used modules in place, and the 3U row is already more than half-filled, and the remaining space is where you need to put your entire audio generation and filtering chain, plus one or two more modulation sources. Doesn't look promising...

If you're going to try and build this into a proper modular build (which I do NOT recommend), you've already made a cardinal (and expensive) mistake in ordering these huge modules. As I've noted, you'll need to keep all of the module sizes at 4 hp or less in order to do a properly-implemented modular setup in this thing. As things stand right now, you won't get there.

What these small cabs are REALLY for are specialized builds, things I and others call "mission-specific" builds. For example, if you wanted to add a Maths to an ARP 2600, these little skiffs are ideal, as you can easily jam that plus several supporting modules into the restrictive space they provide. But an entire rig...while you DO see people (mostly on YouTube) doing this sort of thing, you have to keep in mind that they're there for the CLICKS...and not necessarily to be helpful. Especially not in these cases.

Your best bet here is to stick the Palette on eBay or Reverb, then add a bit of extra $$$ to what you get there and buy something like a Mantis. THAT will hold a proper module complement.