Hello I'm working with a small setup. I know it's limiting, but I really enjoy the size because I move it from my home and office often and I built a nice mahogany stand for it that I'm happy with.
I've based the size off the 60hp of the Mother 32 and I have an MScale to deal with the voltage transfers due to a recommendation.
I'm wondering if I been sleeping (haha) on the Disting MK4 though. It says it functions as a precision adder and also has a lot of other capabilities- it also fits more snugly in my case than the 1hp I annoyingly have left over.
I haven't been able to find any comments on how it reacts with +5/-5 output of the Mother 32 however. Would it be worth it to replace the MScale for a Disting?

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Honestly I had no need to for an mscale to get my m32 to play nice w plaits. Just shifted the m32 up a couple octaves. That’s said, I can’t answer your question about the disting.

Awesome looking rig btw.

Thanks. I’m trying to keep it compact and versatile. And aesthetically pleasing (I buy black faceplates from magpie and switch them out) it’s been nice for what I use it for. But yeah, I’m not really seeing the benefit of MScale and it’s taking up space.