Finally got a nice setup here and just added the Quad Drum. Enjoying it so far but I'm curious if there is a better way I could organize this.

So, if this were your rack, how would you organize it? Anything you would add?

Thanks in advance!

ModularGrid Rack

My current setup

Well, for starters, you could link the actual build instead of just putting the JPEG of it up. Go back to your original post, delete the current link, then link the actual build page's URL and reload the post. That way, others can have a go at it...otherwise, it's a bit of a pain to make alterations, etc.

link the actual build
-- Lugia

Should be fixed now. Thanks again!

maybe sound sources at the top, modulation and utility in the middle and sequencers, mixing output on the bottom row, from left to right - but this is your modular - arrange it how you want it

seriously you have so few modules and so much space it doesn't matter at all - stop worrying about it and play with it - if you find that you want to patch x module to y module constantly consider moving them next to each other - no 3m cables needed - no panic!

I messed with it for a hot minute, then gave up. I think you might need to go back and research the way you want your MIDI signals dealt with, as there's an awful lot of MIDI-specific things going on here that seem superfluous (such as, if you have an ES-9, why ALSO have a separate CV-MIDI converter module?). Also, I don't get the excess external preamps...especially since I don't also see an envelope follower, something which you will 100% want for picking off dynamics as CVs. Basically, the "if this were..." argument seems moot to me, as this isn't how I would've started in the first place.

I strongly suggest going back to square one here. If you have these modules on hand already, especially the ES-9, go back and see how that one module alone supplants all of these unnecessary MIDI-based things. Given that I have something similar in my modular "sandbox" here (a MOTU 828 mkii + Ableton CV Tools) I can confidently tell you that you're piling a lot of unnecessary stuff into this build. And if you must use MIDI over the more precise and modular-friendly CV/gate/trig I/O of the ES-9, just use its MIDI expander, which is already in the build.