Still missing:
More VCA's
Maybe sequencing (but probably just going to use keystep pro_

The only question that comes to mind when looking at this is "why?" The layout is totally dysfunctional, for starters. Why would you slather this in blanks? Why use 6 x 168 hp for such a small module complement? Why are there several prepowered and precased synths in this when they should almost certainly be back in their own cabs, on their own DC rails? And why build it like this? I semi-sorta get that this is probably some sort of religious thing...but lemme explain something...

Years ago, back in Nashville, I did a couple of sessions for artists on Benson. And I don't think any of them would've been caught dead with something like this. Those were pro session guys and pro musicians, and they knew full well that you DIDN'T compromise your gear, no matter what sort of statement you're trying to make. And this build here is ridiculously compromised. It'll be a massive pain to cart around, patch, name it. No session player I worked with back there...and that runs a gamut from contemporary Christian to hardcore punk...would do something to make their instruments that they depended on MORE DIFFICULT to use!

I strongly suggest that, if this isn't some kind of troll build or such, you delete this. Take the Moogs and the Strega out of the case. Shrink the case back down to a sensible size for the module complement. Then arrange the modules in a way that makes even 1% more sense than least it would then be 1% sensible! Otherwise, I guarantee that you're on the road to having one VERY unplayable synth.