This is my current rack and I really love my case and all the modules, I think a little bit to replace my Loquelic iteritas percido to something else because I feel that the manis and LIP is taking eachother out a little bit of its hardness and crazyness and thinking of maybe get rid of the LIP.

What would you do? Maybe to replace with a wavetable like PH MK3? or something else? What do you think missing?

It doesnt have to be a second voice such as PH, it can also be 20hp replacement of utilities, modulation, switched and such.

Thank you so much in advance,

ModularGrid Rack

ModularGrid Rack

I've replaced the LIP with a few useful utilities - alternatively the matrix mixer, links and a wmd/ssf toolbox would also work well

personally I would consider either an extra row almost exclusively for utilities and maybe a bit more modulation - a function generator or 2 perhaps or reducing the size of some of the modules by replacing with similar smaller modules - the mixer and the attenuator perhaps seem a little on the large size as does the sequencer (which could go into a control skiff)

a decent selection of utilities will massively open up the capabilities of your synthesizer, they are the inexpensive dull polish that makes the expensive shiny modules actually shine and stops them tarnishing


Thats an really good point, ive looked quite a while on the ssf toolbox so thats a great recommendation. Do you have some special function generator in mind? and other utilities? About the case and get another one, I will try at the moment to keep everything in the same case, in the future I maybe will get rid of the metron and get an octatrack but im not there yet

don't over look the mutable trio though - of links, kinks and shades! and don't worry if there's a bit of overlap - some things are good to have two of

I like matrix mixers and vcas a lot for mixing copies of modulation sources together and producing more complex ones - both are obviously also useful for other tasks - creating send/returns and feedback mixing for example

for a function generator I like maths - it's ergonomic and it's not overly complicated - also the illustrated manual is a fantastic learning tool - 32 patch programming examples - which hopefully also give you further ideas for patching other modules

I've not used others though to be honest though - rampage in vcv rack is the closest I've come - falistiri (or whatever it's called) just seems too cramped and all over the place - DUSG looks like a great idea - simple and workman like and AI are just releasing a single channel function generator - which might be a good buy - or a pip slope or 2 - add some utilities and you have similar functionality