Has anyone done any tests or have some user experience, what's your opinion on the best eurorack case, power and output module in terms of specs/sound?

I'm currently using an intellijel 7U TPS80W Max with nw2sio

The nw2s has been an improvement in sound for me as far as noise is concerned relative to the previous module that I was using which I shall not name.

Ofcourse every rack is different and performance is a matter of configuration, but let's say all things being equal and ergonomics/portability aside which power and output would you go with if looking for the highest fidelity?

if you want to find the least noisy power supplies then look towards modular video synthesis - virtually all lzx modules up til this point are very susceptible to noise and up to much higher frequencies (MHz instead of KHz) - you can literaly see the noise on the video output - small blocks appear that shouldn't be there for example

the PSUs that are generally recommended for video are the Doepfer PSU3 and the TipTop studio bus - and Malekko used to do one, but have discoontinued it I think

of the power supplies I have:

The PSU in the Mantis is very similar to the studio bus and works perfectly well for video

The Befaco Excalibus also appears to do a great job

Frequency Central PSUs introduce noise - for me - horrible - but are perfectly fine for audio

Haven't tried the meanwell in my Bastl Marton case for video - may give it a quick go next time I re-arrange things - which could be within the next couple of months

From all accounts the Intellijel ones are not suitable for video

Regarding outputs - I live in europe so don't bother with one - the only reason I would get one is if I needed balanced ouputs - which I don't - and I use an es8 as an audio interface anyway - current output patch is master out of tex-mix into streams for compression into 2 multiples - each one patched to es8 (usb to iphone), a unity mixer (to create a mono mix for sensory translator) and attenuators to go to speakers (so I can reduce the volume without impacting the audio reactivity)

The fix for DC crud: linear power supplies. Now, with the Intellijel cabs, you've got to deal with the internal switching supply, and there's not a lot you can do there. BUT...you might consider replacing the Meanwell "brick", which is ALSO a switching supply. Reason is, if you've already got crud coming into the cab from that brick, this can then screw majorly with the noise factor of the Intellijel TPS unit in the case.

With my AE system, I use a Tektronix PS281, but this is probably a bit underpowered for the Intellijel's needs. Instead, the next model up (the PS282, as shown here: g~gAAOSwTOxfoFD0" target="_blank">https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tektronix-PS282-DC-Power-Supply-5A-18V-TW10205/402528809979?epid=1117948359&hash=item5db89633fbg~gAAOSwTOxfoFD0 ) can deliver up to 18VDC at 5A. And if you need more current, you can parallel two of these easily, as they have tracking link connections that lets one supply control the second. Price on the one listed is a bit steep (you should be able to find these under $200), but they provide dead-quiet DC on output...very little junk on that DC feed to cause the TPS to get noisier.