Hi , this is Fabio from Italy.
I. am experiencing an issue with VCA A 135-2 but , as I’m new to modular world , I don’t know if is an issue or is normal….
If I have an oscillator with an high frequency , while in channel1 , 2 and 3 everything is ok and the “gate” is closed properly , on channel 4 I can hear the “original” wave in background….not so much….but I can hear it….
same oscillator , same cables , same VCA settings ,in channel 4 I can hear more.
That doesn’t happens if I go out from individual output on channel 4.
If the note is not high pitch , then there’s basicly no difference between channels….
Is this becouse of summing channels , so 1 go in 2 , 2 in 3 ecc , so 4 is more noisy? I can see that the noise raises even if I raise volume from other channels , even if nothing il plugged in....
All jumpers are in factory settings , I checked the schematics , so it should work 1 on 1 , 2 on 2 ecc
Has the unit some problems? ( I’m still in time to give it back….)
I can deal with it , (maybe I’m still not into “modular tollerance… :-) ) but i want to veryfy if the unit is ok…
I post a video , is in Italian but the Issue is clear.