Hello everyone! my system above all for ambient experimental drone and industrial music is expanding and I would like some advice for the final upgrade! I don't know if an ornament crime, an envelope adsr, still modulations..(stages) a vca? happy for some advice!
ModularGrid Rack

When you're playing with it now what do you find is missing? That'll help us know where to nudge.

It is a complete system, but perhaps a more experienced eye could immediately understand if some modulation or some other usefulness can be added. For example. And suggest what...

you have quite a reasonable amount of modulation in the case already - I would head for utilities - a matrix mixer for mixing modulation sources together in different ratios seems like a good idea to me! - or even better the 4ms VCAM - voltage controlled matrix mixer with mutes or the instruo lion

Miscommunication on my part @Rabel, when I ask what's missing I mean "What are you trying to do that you don't quite succeed at?" or "What sound do you want that you can't find?" or "What's hard that you'd like to be easy?"or "What rut do you get stuck in that you'd like to break out of?" Answering those questions will help us know what modules could help.