A patch that started out very incoherent, took me ages to find the sweet spot in tuning the STO to the Even VCO, got the 2hp Tune in the same scale as the 2hp ARP, glad I persisted with this as it was proper wonky.
No filters were used in this just the STO's Shape control and the DannySound Timbre on wave-folding duty.
Newest module in the rack is the Pr0k Clap, Hats come from Patching Panda Hatz, incidental percussion and Bass drum come from ADDAC103. A bit of Monsoon Clouds Reverb on the slow notes and and Erica Pico DSP on the twinkly Arp parts. Extra percussion came from the Roland TR-09.
Soz for the occasional crackle, thats my crappy soundcard.

Cheers for listening to over 8 minutes!

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh lovely jam this one! A nice kind of mellow-ambient track. The over 8 minutes were not an issue at all, I rather felt this could be longer, keep going on and on, oh fantastic!

Thanks a lot for this lovely Easter present :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks @GarfieldModular I've just dropped the BPM of this to 80 and I'm adding some other bits, weird how a bpm change can alter the character so much, I guess it gives the LFO's more time to do their thing.

Nice payoff here @wishbonebrewery, thanks for sharing 🎧

That brass sound : mwah!

I guess it is a little Brassy, cheers :)

Great patch! Lot's of things going on, but it is not too busy or too long.