I upgraded to Unicorn and was kind of hoping there would be a way to "save" my arrangement of modules. I like to sort of space out various modules that I'm plugging/swapping around on the outside of and all around the rack itself, so I can drag them in and out while seeing everything I've made available to myself, trying different arrangements, etc. ... so the feature where they "auto-arrange" along the bottom anytime you do anything involving a screen refresh (stacked on top of each other in an orderly but completely indecipherable and hard-to-navigate way) is actually pretty annoying.

Since this is all in a browser, I can understand why it'd be hard to implement saving the user's arrangement of modules outside the gridded space, but that said, if by chance I've overlooked something and there IS a way to do it ... please please please let me know!

can't you just use the "my collection" view of modules to do this? or at least something very similar

or just use a massive case and have your actual rack in the middle or one corner and all the extra modules floating about - but in a rack

Lol good idea not sure why I didn't think of that. :D