Hello all,

Does anyone have a good suggestion for a sample playing module which is good for loops? I'm currently using Disting Mk.4 for this but I'd like to use it for other things.

I was looking at the Tiptop One but it seems better suited for one shots since the sample management is so minimalistic. (On the Disting I have folders for different tempos, for example)

I recently got a Squid Salmple and while I've not gotten to use it much yet (life!) it's pretty sweet, I'd definitely check it out.

The Squid might be overkill for my needs, but I'll definitely have I'll have a look, thanks @troux. Was staring at the Erica Sample Drum and the Squark Rample for a while. Both interesting, both do more than I need. Sample Drum is probably closer.

Plan B : buy another Disting? The Crossfade Looper algorithm is muy bueno.

I would pass on the Disting- I have one and it is a big pain to use. Maybe because the encoders are tricky to get to do what I want and the vast number of algorithms packed into it make the UI not that great. For a drum sampler, my choice would be something like Erica Synths drum sampler.

@sacguy71 -- Oh I know the Disting well, one of the first modules I ever bought. And I completely agree that the user interface is bad, especially the clickless "Z" encoder for selecting things.

OTOH it is half the price of the Sample Drum, 1/4 of the hp (give or take) and it has that lovely Crossfade Looper algorithm... and the 50-odd others which are part of the problem.

OTOOH having two of the same module just seems like a lack of imagination really.... although the Disting is the ultimate "utility" module, and you can never have too many utilities...