Marbles plays an A minor pentatonic scale to µOSC-II (Plaits clone) and to 2hp Pluck processed by Monsoon (Clouds clone).
Plaits plays Amin, Dmin and Emin chords fed by Minibrute 2S sequencer.

Hi Rookie,

Oh wow! This is a lovely nice and relaxing track. After a day of hard work, this is the music that I need to chill out. Almost kind of Jazz style, nice!

Superb and great work! Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Super chill, looking forward to more @Rookie

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how lovely! I really like marbles and have been using mine as well for ambient stuff.

Thank you GarfieldModular, troux and sacguy71 for your kind remarks!
Very encouraging for a ”rookie”.

nice generative ambient tones! I like it :), would also love to hear more of your ambient stuff...