New Doepfer monster case arrived and should have plenty of room for my modules and room to grow for a while hehe:

That should put my GAS at bay for while and focus on patching and mastering what I have now to create some interesting tracks and beats and more intricate patching opportunities. I have plenty of utilities and modulation now but could benefit from another mixer and sequencer and who knows?

Nice! That thing is huge. I was thinking to get a large cabinet like that, but I am still wanting to keep some level of portability. I know eventually I will get something like that, but will also rethink my studio space to accommodate it.

Thanks, yeah it is huge and lot of room to expand. The great thing about Doepfer cases are that they have nice metal locking covers and handles so with a hand cart, one can transport them around fairly easily. I do have my Doepfer 6u suitcase for jams now so that can make life easier when I do jams at local clubs and friends' places. It also helps me stop G.A.S. to focus on mastering my gear and create fun tracks. Here is a quick ambient jam I made to test the case after moving modules over:

So even after moving my dozen or so modules from 6u case and base case to the monster, I still have 300+ HP left over to grow!
While I would love to get 4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator & Spectral Multiband Resonator (SMR) plus Xaoc Devices Odessa & Belgrad and lots more, I will slow down and create patches with this monster and my MDLR case and perhaps add few modules at end of the year. I do need more long patch cables to reach between cases however. Also getting Mutable Instruments Beads/Blades would be awesome to feed into Rings and Marbles for ultimate ambient patches.

MASSIVE! and "only 300hp left" hahaha

Welps compared to folks like @Lugia and @Garfield, and also modular friends in town, my setup is quite a bit smaller.
My friends have WALLS of modular probably 100k plus in gear. Still when one guy I know did a show he only patched a dozen or so modules out of the thousands in his collection.

Hi Sacguy71,

Wow, that's a great nice looking and indeed large setup, the A-100PMB together with the A-100PMS12 standing on top of the PMB! So you have now 6*168 HP = 1 kHP ;-) 1008 HP nicely in one large overview :-)

The MDLR case, are you going to use that for when you are going to meet friends or when you want to move with your modules somewhere else (holiday, laying on the beach or on the hotel's room balcony, in one hand a nice drink and the other hand controlling the modules in your MDLR case)? ;-)

Looks like you got yourself a few nice guitars too! I even don't know how to hold one ;-)

Oh indeed, I agree here with Wishbonebrewery, only 300 HP left, that sounds like a serious problem, so next year you buy another PMB+PMS12 set? ;-)

Enjoy your new studio setup together with these new Doepfer cases, now comes the case-versus-module-planning... where to put which module ;-) Have fun and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield,

I plan to keep the MDLR case next to the Doepfer monster case, and use the mostly empty 6u Doepfer case for jams and travel.
I can throw in Queen of Pentacles and Ground control in the 6u case and maybe a good mixer and some utilities and a complex oscillator and have enough to jam and do sets without killing my back carrying the MDLR case which is heavy! I do have a hand cart so could use that also for the MDLR case.

Not too, plenty of "hole" in which to put M0AR!!!

Also, don't be fooled here, folks...that Doepfer rig, even with 1000+ hp, can STILL be put on a backseat of your basic car. Yes, both cabs. I wish they weren't so effin' expensive, tho...

Thanks @Lugia,

Yeah love having it all in one place and infinite patch options. Now I can really sink my teeth deeper into modular and not buy another module for a long time. The Doepfer rig is quite portable and has great covers/handles to take on the road. I know a guy with two monster cases who does events and he has a very impressive rig. They are expensive but I bought mine on sale and Detroit Modular has point discount program so I saved over $300 for a new monster case. For large travel case, the MDLR 12u is hard to beat. I would however get a lighter case like the Amalgamod or NONO Lander Two 104HP 9U Modular Case for less money that still gives over 200HP for mobile power.

Hi Sacguy71 and Lugia,

Sacguy71: So which case is heaver that Doepfer PMS12 thing or the MDLR 12U?

Lugia: Indeed expensive, hence why I prefer the A-100 LMB/LMS9 set instead, better affordable, but of course doesn't look as good.

Kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

Great question Garfield,

I would have to wear each on a scale and find out. The MDLR feels heavier as it is solid birch wood than the Doepfer monster case.
The Doepfer base/monster were expensive together cost close to $2800 but with discount cost me about $2300 and not cheap but I figure for all those expensive modules the solid power supplies and case will be worth it. Now I won't have to buy another case for a while until I fill up the 300+ HP and 140HP in the 6u case free.