BIA drums
filtered goldbaby clap sample
Humble Audio Quad Operator, Pachinko, LXd, quadigy, mimetic digitalis, quad VCA, 3x MIA, Ochd, FX-Aid, Bat Verb

Tracked into Studio One
FabFilter Q3
FabFilter Pro-C2 bus compression
Waves Limiter

This sounds all kinds of wrong, but in a good way.

Yeah I have been fooling with layered time pulsed with a solid grid by sync to slightly drifted off grid melody that dances around the main pulse. It was an interesting landing spot so I just hit record, not really designed as a track more just fiddling around hence the name.

Hi Mog00,

He, he, very nice chimes-kind-of-sounds and then indeed that wrong kind of... timing-sound? That makes it quite special, indeed in a nice way!

Interesting material and I wouldn't mind to hear more similar sounds and jams from you into this direction, curious where you would take us during your sonic journeys and adventures! :-) Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Hi Mog00,

This track is fantastic, it has a kind of jazzy vibe that I love. Looking forward for more.

Thanks for sharing.

Thumbs up from me too, very nice lofi vibe