My first skiff should arrive tomorrow, and while I've been doing the math to ensure I won't be overdrawing from my available onboard power, one thing I hadn't given much thought to were my surge protectors and keeping the PSU itself powered properly. I've seen uninterruptible power supplies online; is that worth considering, or are there other surge protector related tips/advice people have? I'm just getting into learning this stuff and don't have an especially technical background, so my knowledge of household electrical is pretty limited. I'll be moving into my own house soon, but currently I've got a near-always-running window AC, a high-end windows PC w 1000w psu, 3 external HD hubs (connecting 6 extra hard drives), two 2k monitors, a large Yamaha stereo receiver, a Yamaha MG10xu mixer, a Moog DFAM, Moog Werkstatt, and a few other miscellaneous 9V devices all going in the same small room, not to mention a space heater that occasionally is running (from its own outlet), and obviously a few lamps. Besides the AC/space heater, all this is pretty much connected via a trio of surge protectors across two or three outlets, I think they are pretty decent models and I've had them for years, but I don't know the specs on them offhand.

Is this something I should be thinking about more? I have an 84 hp Synthrotek 3u skiff coming tomorrow, and a double 3u in a couple weeks (though I'll be moving around then), so that's at least 2 modular PSUs added into what already feels like quite a bit of equipment for my little apartment room. Haven't had any problems thus far, I vaguely remember my landlord telling me the electrical for our place (shared multi-unit with his place) was pretty robust, but, trying to make sure I'm covering all my bases here.

I'd stop worrying so much if I were you

eurorack psu is similar in current draw to a laptop

you'll almost definitely be fine

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

You're not even close to a typical current overload situation. Let's look at the math involved here...

Here's a very useful useful, in fact, you might want to bookmark it: All you do is enter two known values, and the calculator fills in the rest according to basic electrical physics. So, in the case of the 1 kW PC PSU, you'd enter 117 V for the voltage, 1000 watts for the consumption in watts, and you get 8.5 amps (and change).

Now, armed with that website widget, start calculating your TOTAL amperage draw for your ENTIRE music rig. Then check your breaker panel and make sure that whatever circuit you use is capable of handling the amperage load. My bet is that you're just fine; solid-state electronics such as what's in music gear doesn't tend to have much of a current draw when compared to motorized devices, devices that involve high voltage step-ups, and the like. In fact, your biggest "amp hog" is probably going to be the main monitor amplifier.

Yeah, as I look into it more (and now that I have my actual skiff today) I'm realizing I'm overworrying a bit. I know I'm a little out of my depth with the technical side of electronics, so I'm being super cautious in making sure I'm not overlooking something. Thanks for the link, I will indeed be bookmarking that.