Was curious what methods people could suggest to stress test a powered case (obviously, without just maxing it's power supply with modules)? Can you use a bench power supply to draw current? (never owned one). Are there devices made to do this? And if so, could you point me to an example device?

I'd really like to run an experiment on the Behringer Go and see once and for all whether this thing is likely to fry some modules and at what draw the whole system starts to become unstable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My rack is filling out and, out of fear, I'm getting ready to upgrade from the GO to something more reputable/field-tested, and I figured it might be a useful, if anecdotal, experiment for the community to see how close to the spec'd power you can really push this thing.

the psu is supposed to be a direct clone of the one in the tiptop mantis - and that psu survives being overloaded at least by a bit - when turning on all the modules flash and then you turn it off, take something out and it works again

I even had one module in mine that would sometimes not turn on - I think it pushed the inrush on the -ve rail but I'm not certain - everything else would work, but not this one - turn the power off and on again and it would be fine - just started doing it one day

if you're going to try to blow the power supply up though, you could also destruction test the case! :D

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

Hi Merzky_Shoom,

Ha, ha, interesting request you got there. So accordingly to Jim's above experiences it seems to be not very easy to push it that far. So in case really nothing goes well regarding blowing up your power supply then try a thick copper wire (well insulated at those parts where you hold it) and make a good shortcut somewhere on the power bus :-)

If that blows the fuse before something really can happen then remove the fuse, put something bare metal in there, make sure your house electrical circuit fuse works very well (otherwise you might get a serious problem) and then try again to short cut the bus. Be bloody careful okay because this might give you some serious effects, you have been warned! :-) If you are not sure about this then please don't do it! A test should stay fun and especially safe!

Would you mind to make a video of it, in case you decide to go ahead with blowing up your power supply? Might be interesting material to watch ;-)

Good luck with blowing up the power supply, stay safe though and kind regards, Garfield.

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