OK, so I'm at this point now. How I arrived at my current setup is a long story of what I perceived as good deals at the time and GAS. I'm trying to complement my Moog Grandmother and Subharmonicon while keeping them OUT of the rack itself. One of my main concerns is I'd like to be able to mess with the rack by itself with a very small midi controller(in some cases theremin mostly keys) AND I'd like to have headphone out that comes out of both ears. I'm not concerned with stereo effects or anything with TWO different fields right now. I made decision I'll deal with stereo mixing/effects once I get it to the DAW.

I'm looking at the Behringer 305 because of the headphone out, mixer and EQ capabilities. If I get that module do I still need a VCA module ? Ultimately I'll be sending what I want to record to my Focusrite sound interface to the DAW. I'm thinking with the two Oscillator modules (Erica Fusion VCO2 and Plaits) I can do certain things with the mixer in the grandmother(noise channel in) and the Grandmothers envelope to cut corners on cost. Is this stupid or what ?

I'm thinking the biggest thing I need in this setup is a VCA but I'm not sure why. Since the Grandmother has mixer envelope generator LFO high pass lo pass filter I was going to try and use those and beef up my oscillator options with the Plaits and Erica Fusion VCO2. Does this make any sense or do I get the Eurorack Beavis and Butthead award for the year for taking this path ?

In my own defense I stumbled into buying the Erica Fusion VCO2 thinking I was getting a good deal(after years of swearing off modular because of the cost) but didn't realize it started me on this never ending bank account draining path.

  • I got the Forbidden Planet filter because I thought it sounded really cool in a Grandmother related youtube video.
  • I got the Doepfer A-147-2 because I figured I needed an LFO and it was one of the few that had a SIN wave
  • I got Plaits because I've heard a lot of good things about it and needed digital VCO to complement analog Erica Fusion VCO2

I really need the HEADPHONE OUT to both ears but the Behringer 305 takes up a LOT of real estate. I could potentially forego this because I have a pretty decent Mackie VLZ Pro mixer that can push these signals into and it has a great headphone amp in it BUT it kills the portability of being able to move the rack around with a small midi controller and just plug the Headphones into for good fidelity.

Most likely I really need a good multi channel Envelope Generator at this point since the Grandmothers is pretty limited and strange. I'm going to leave the sequencing to the Grandmother and Subharmonicons pitch sequncers for now. And I need VCA module. Any suggestions to finishing this initial build will be greatly appreciated.

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