75% full ATM

A couple of points...

First of all, that's a really expensive DFAM, and it wasn't when you put it in there. Let's look at the case itself...it costs $649 for 208 hp in 3U and 104 in 1U which, for the sake of this example, we'll say amounts to 35 hp if it were 3U. That gives 243 hp at $649, meaning that each hp = $2.67. $2.67 x 60 = $160.20, making the DFAM come in at $809.20. This is easy enough to fix: take the DFAM out of the expensive cab and put it back where it belongs. This then frees up 60 hp for modules that DON'T come with their own case and power...which is what you should be using the Eurorack cab for in the first place.

And secondly, watch your module sizes. There's several Erica modules in here, and while their Quad VCA2 makes sense in the space it occupies, using the same space for one single envelope generator is not very sensible at all. Try looking outside of one specific manufacturer, and you'll find far better EG options. But this problem can get rather pervasive pretty quickly, and this appears to be on that route.

For one thing, that DFAM is killing your ability to add more functionality. For example, all you have for modulation at present is that Erica EG and a Maths. Not quite enough, really. Or the Mimeophon would probably be better up with the audio path...but it won't fit there. And so on...

Thanks for your input but I think you are seeing the old layout which was only 7u 104hp, not 10u. The more up2date layout doesn't have the dfam in it since that was only in there to fill up the space until I got the other modules. Im fairly new to modulargrid and don't know how to delete the old version but when I click on the rack it brings me to the correct one.

Here's the fix: go back to your build's page, and hit "refresh", even if the rack looks right. Then go to the "Show" dropdown menu and select "Screenshot". You're likely to see the version above. If you do, hit "refresh" on your browser, and if the old layout persists, quit "Screenshot", refresh the layout page again, then re-select "Screenshot". Once these two images are the same, then go back to your post, delete the present link, save the edit, then edit it AGAIN with the "new" build page URL. Once you save that, then the proper screenshot will be linked to the Forum thread. But the important part is to make sure the screenshot matches the build page, as the Forum's images come from the screenshot and NOT the build itself.

What a PITA :) thanks for the help.
Any thoughts on the real rack?

Hmm...well, one thing that immediately comes to mind is that there's too many audio paths in there. I can see what you're trying to do here, and the problem is that the case(s) itself is just outgrown. There needs to be more VCAs, submixing, utilities, and so on...the "usual suspects", in other words...but the space is simply NOT there.

One possible fix, but one that would involve the addition of a small skiff, would be to pull the Metropolix and M303 out of this build altogether and then rehouse them in a small standalone cab...a 4ms 60hp powered pod would make a good fit there, plus you'd have an extra 10 hp for a delay. Those three modules together would make for a hellacious standalone 303 "variant", especially with a built-in delay line. But the other point is that, by pulling the M303 and Metropolix, you'd then regain 60 hp in the main cab, which is plenty of space for those missing bits and pieces. Thoughts?

Strange I had a 2nd quad vca in there at one point. I guess I took it out to make room for something else.
I have expanded the rack to include two intellijel 7u cases but had to put the 2x1u into a different rack because of the 4 row limit on MG.
How are things looking now? Any gaps you see with this modified config?

I'm in agreement with @Lugia here

more modulation and more utilities needed

as Lugia said one way is to create more space by taking (imo) the top row from metopolix up to and including data plus the m303 possibly more, into a separate case - 104hp would be nice wouldn't it - too match the other cases but I wouldn't bother with a 1u row - they are imo too expensive for what they are

the other alternative is to strip out all the modulation and utilities and then work out what you really need to support what you have and is it possible to fit that it - it's quite likely that you either end up back at the extra case or having to remove a voice (simultaneously creating space for more modulation and utilities and slightly reducing the need for them)

What additional modulation and utilities do you recommend? In the long run Im going to either have 2x intel 7u 104hp cases or a 15u 104hp case from Case From Lake possibly along with the intel 7u 104hp case that I already own. Im kind of on the fence here since the two intel cases would cost about the same as the CFL but are portable and shiny :)

ok I think it's more about how you would use more modulation and utilities though

to be honest probably just utilities would do - expand the capabilities of the modulation you already have - go and take a look at the doepfer catalogue - look for anything that does not produce sound or process sound and read the manual - it's a page or less generally - think about how you might use that module in your rack - then work out which ones you are interested in and look for alternatives - work out which one you want to play with and get that

maybe I'd add either zadar or batumi but only a maybe... but only after I'd tried the above

In the long run Im going to either have 2x intel 7u 104hp cases or a 15u 104hp case from Case From Lake possibly along with the intel 7u 104hp case that I already own. Im kind of on the fence here since the two intel cases would cost about the same as the CFL but are portable and shiny :)
-- adroc

Go with the CFL cab. While the Intellijel 7U cabs are metal, I do have to wonder if they can take a really hard hit if you're out gigging and they get smacked. The CFL cabs, however, are 1/2" (and then a bit more...15mm thickness) plywood, and you'd have to really work at it to wreck something like that. Sure, you can probably destroy one...but then, whatever would mess up a heavy wood cab would probably turn the 7U into mangled wreckage.

The other nice thing about CFL is that you CAN have them alter the base designs...so you could even have separate tile rows for Intellijel AND the original Pulplogic format modules if you wanted. Or you could go with a wider panel, or beefier power, or...well, you get the idea, plus these alterations are really nicely-priced...adding a tile row for EUR 45-? Yes, please!!!