Hey there.

I'm new to Modular Synthesis, and I ordered a MakeNoise Morphagene with a Mutable Instruments Pod34x power case and being new I saw "Powered case" and I did not know I had to buy a power source.

I built the same system in Modulargrid and it tells me I need 165ma +12V, 20 -12V and 0 5V which, well I have since my power source is 1A, but what I haven't been able to understand is how much voltage I need to plug into my power case to begin with? the page for the case says +12V up to 1.4A, and I THOUGHT it meant I need a 12V DC source, but I am not sure since the +12V seems to denote something entirely different and my box says 15-20V DC...

I am confused and wondering if the 12V adaptor I have will fry my module? I have ordered a 15V DC adaptor , but in general, what are the dangers of plugging lower voltages?

thank you

If you have a 4ms pod with the built-in power supply you just need a power brick.