LoFi Piano Loop with Dictaphone, Morphagene and Desmodus Versio

Hope you like it.

Hi Quantum_Eraser,

Ooohhhh niiiiccceeee :-) Nice long drone-ambient... eh... film music? :-) Well, with or without film, this is nice relaxing yet interesting to listen at. It could go on for an hour and I still would love it!

Regarding the video, you might want to consider to clean the video head, pretty much ticks and stuff. Check with Musima (see the other just released track in this "You" section of the forum), they got very clean video heads, you might want to check with them ;-)

Ha, ha, just joking! Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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This is fantastic. Reminds me of the best stuff from Biosphere, which is to say the best of ambient music.