For as long as possible, my plan is to maintain a utility-heavy rig with:
1. no custom voices, just raw oscillators and noise
2. no FSU modules (like granular processing)
3. no samples
4. no traditional note sequencers longer than five steps
5. no screens

Back to Basics, always a good approach

All well and good, but I think you'll find that if you remove the Neutron from the cab (especially since the Neutron already HAS a cab and power!), you'll get closer to a better result because you won't be trying to build around that "lump" that, tbh, shouldn't be in the Eurorack case to start with. It's an expensive luxury to do that, because it adds the cost of the occupied rack spaces to your Neutron. Very impractical.

Also, with that Neutron in there robbing space, you'll miss out on some of the better noise modules out right now...for example, have a look at the various sonic atrocities made by Schlappi Engineering. They're right up your alley...but as a rule, they're sizable as well, so if you want to implement some of them, you WILL need the extra space.

Hi Lugia,

I take your points, but my experience doesn’t quite line up.

  1. The Neutron in my DIY portable case is very convenient and even practical for how I use it.
  2. I’m as conflicted as anyone about supporting Behringer, but I wouldn’t have gotten into modular without that nudge.
  3. Here are my (sadly expensive and currently out of reach) thoughts on replacing the Neutron:
    ModularGrid Rack

That meets or exceeds most of the Neutron features, but in a larger system, not all of those modules are needed where they’d be covered by larger utilities, like VCA, etc.

The Neutron is as effective as a bridge as it is problematic. I wish I could break all the Neutron’s normals, and not just because some of them are leaky.