Hi, I've been trying out the Eloquencer at different heights in my rack for convenience (the rack is at standing height), and have come to the conclusion that where I'd really want it is sitting horizontally in a separate desktop skiff.
I've got a DFAM right there where I would want it, and was wondering if it's technically possible for them to swap enclosures.
I'm aware the DFAM's guts are not a simple Eurorack ribbon, but is there any way to make it compatible? I mean a simple enough way to be worth it.

I wouldn't take the DFAM apart. For one thing, an empty 60 hp Moog skiff is only $89, then all you'd need is something that uses flying busses for your power and distro, such as an uZeus. Even better, the 104 hp version of the same skiff goes for a mere $10 more. Also, watch your module depths here...you only have an actual 48-ish mm to work with, even though the skiff seems deeper due to its angled construction.

I just checked the DFAM power draw and I suspect very strongly the answer is related to it

DFAM draws 230mA on the +12v and nothing on any other rail - so in order to use the DFAM PSU for eurorack modules you'd need something that can convert +12v to +/-12v and maybe +5v - in other words an eurorack power supply

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

Thanks both for the replies. So not worth the effort then.
The reason behind the swap was I've got virtually no horizontal space left around the modular rack, not an inch, so I guess plan B is to get a bunch of 1.5M patch cords and move the DFAM elsewhere, although the whole point of the swap was ergonomics...

Have you considered the possibility of freeing up space UNDER the modular?

No, that's not a joke or a suggestion that you should try and defy physics. Instead, if you have some vertical space above the cab, and we're not talking about a Doepfer Monster Case rig, you could put the modular up a bit higher by using a suitable desk riser. This is something I'm currently playing with, to get some desktop space back from the AE system.

Check these out: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F0OQ8VG/?coliid=I2GROX26I4EP7U&colid=23QL83O2QNTDT&psc=1&ref=lvovligdp_it Each platform can handle up to 65 lbs, and uses a stacking block system to vary the height from 2 1/4" to 4 3/4"...and that latter amount is only 1/2" under the space needed for a vertical 3U space. With something angled like a DFAM, you should wind up with a perfect fit for that unit at the base of the stand. And if one isn't big enough, it's not like these cost too much to afford getting a second.

Well, funny you mention that, as I'm doing something similar. An empty fish tank placed on its side with the opening facing me, and the rack on top of it (those things are designed to endure massive water pressure), giving me an extra layer of horizontal space, but that's crowded already...
I'll give that a thought, as being stackable opens up a few extra possibilities. Thanks!