The goal with this recording was to start dabbling in and begin to understand how I might use samples. I see a ton of videos using the Morphagene and you can definitely get some cool sounds out of that thing. A shout-out to aphew_goodman and his "meint ihr nicht / wir könnten / aber" track - that was also an inspiration here.

A few days ago I made a simple patch with the Piston Honda and Bionic Lester that quickly went to a dark ambient sounding thing. Loved it. Then I happened across a great bit of dialog in a Star Trek Voyager episode, "The Thaw", and I thought it might be perfect to try as an experiment.

I don't have a Morphagene, but I do have Pigments, and since the new v3 just dropped I had it running and gave it a go. I immediately loved what you can do in Pigments with samples. Spent a few hours tweaking, then I set up an arpeggio and let it run the samples. I dialed up the modular for the low end and some weirdness (thanks to the Bionic Lester's comb filter), added a self generating patch from the Hydrasynth for low-mids, a simple arp on the Pro3 for some hi-mids, and finally a snappy little wood-blocky kinda arpeggio thing on the Sub37.

This is essentially a live, mostly-improvised performance recording. It took about a two hours to get all the synths making acceptable noises, then I turned down all the volumes, hit record and brought in different bits in stages. There was some tweaking knobs on the synths and a lot of manipulating settings in Pigments as it played out. I did add a handful of additional sample triggers to fill in what I thought were gaps with the dialog parts.

The dialog is:
"Fear is the most primitive, the most primordial of biological responses"
"All we have to do now is decide how to negotiate with... an emotion... with a manifestation"
"When fear holds you hostage... how do you make it let go?"

Modules used:
Piston Honda, Bionic Lester, Mimeophon, Ochd, Pamela's NW, Quadrax, Quad VCA


Hi TumeniKnobs,

Lots of fun indeed in this track! :-) It's nice to read the details how you came to this, very interesting.

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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