Hello friends,
I have been searching diligently in the Marketplace since the beginning of this year, and it seems a standard that Europe won't ship out of Europe. Is it just too much trouble?
Us less civilized post-colonies will pay the silly cost! Please, we're desperate! Portland's trying, but we really need you guys...
Does the pain of international shipping vary by country, or is it just all the EU?

ps. I'm now even seeing the UK getting disincluded lol.
pps. Thank you to all the lovely Europeans who will throw us your scraps!

well we often think the same about our colonial brethren - no international shipping is common everywhere

Shipping from France to USA is 38€.
I'll be happy to sell you my modules.

I reckon it has more to do with logistics horror stories than cost.
I made the mistake of accepting an offer on eBay from a guy in the UK last January and we're both still regretting it. It's now May and the item is still on its way back to me. So as much as I still call the UK home, after 20 years there, I don't see myself repeating that experience anytime soon. Sadly.

Before Covid shipping to the US was not much of an issue. But it's become both slow and very expensive since. Plus, insurance on >100€£$ fragile electronic items is much more important than, say, a 10€ record. And I even had to pause selling those (via discogs) to your continent starting last March. Personally, I don't mind filling out customs forms and everything but Covid has made international shipping quite more difficult. Three records I did ship to the US last November arrived in late February. Two of the buyers were incredibly patient but one opened a PayPal dispute and got his money back in January. I'm simply not too keen on going through this again.

Edit: as for the UK... since Brexit I had two items ordered from there stuck in customs for more than a month. Until this process works more smoothly, I won't ship anything there just because I don't want to deal with (understandably) desperate buyers on a regular basis. See above.

My experience is very similar to the one described by Señor Bling: I'm avoiding to sell outside of the EU, including to the UK, it's just too much trouble. Same for purchases actually, I'm actively looking for ways to replace Thonk, love them but shipping from UK to Belgium is so stupidly slow and difficult now that I prefer sourcing parts myself than buying a kit from Thonk...

Since Covid most packages to the US are shipped ... with a ship. That can take months. I have send one module via plane with DHL. That cost 50€.
Then you have to fill out those US customs forms I barely understand.
It makes me feel like I am committing a serious smuggling crime and will be arrested the next time I visit the US.