An improvised jam going into some acid techno grooves... Enjoy!

Patch Notes:
Make Noise Pressure Points CVs into Acid Rain Switchblade as 8 step Analog Sequencer. Pressure output as macro controllers.
Stages decay envelope modulating Eowave Titan Oscillator into LPG as bassdrum
Erica Pico Drums as weird synth percussion
Stages LFO into Tenderfoot Quad Quantiser into Calsynth Rangoon as plucked string arp
Instruo Ts-l into Serpens Sirius modulated by Rocinante's Gate into LPG as bassline
ADDAC Dual S&H noise into LPG as Snare
ADDAC Transition Controller as macro controller.
Dreadbox Splash as reverb
Mutable Instruments Stages as envelope generator and LFOs
Mutable Instruments Ears as distortion.
Robaux LL8 as gate sequencer
Super Vcas as vca and mixer
Synthrotek MIXIV as mixer
Music Thing Startup as mixer and clock generator.
Takaab LPG as low pass gates.

Hi Brunomolteni,

Nice video, interesting the way you do the split, provides the viewer with more "viewing" information, very nice! Ha, ha, I love those funny sounds at about 4:30+ :-) Nice reverb at the end of the track!

It's nice to see you at work and looks like you really enjoying this, as well as I did :-) Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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