Looking for some tips on the arrangement/placement of modules. What do you prefer? F.e. Modulation/utilities in the middle or not and why? Just bought my last modules (sure 😉) but pretty satisfied with what I’ve got. The modular setup is used with iOS/Mac and the output sampled by an MPC One.

There was a thread on this fairly recently, check it out https://www.modulargrid.net/e/forum/posts/index/9489

basically there are a few approaches

some people group by functionality, some people by voice, some people by most used, some left to right, some top to bottom

it's mostly a matter of which one works best for you though!

Depends on the sort of system, really. I myself try and follow something akin to having the audio path and modulation sources separate, with the audio going from left (oscillators) to right (filters, post-VCF VCAs, etc), and then loading the modulation sources in in groups, but so that the control signals go upward and on the left, and the audio goes downward and on the right to the output module(s). But there are "special circumstances" where this might not be the best solution.