Recently got into eurorack. Looking for some feedback regarding what I have and what I plan to get. I'm totally expecting to expand to another case (wishing I started with the 9U). This case is primarily meant as a sound maker. Sequencing duties will be handled by outside sources.

I currently own a Moog M32, as well as the following modules:
bOSC, Chord, Batumi, Doepfer A-130-2/A-140-2/A-190-4, MSCALE, Viol Ruina, Erica VCF3, and the 2hp Trim.

Primary music interests are Industrial (somewhere between Techno and Trance). Any advice would be appreciated.

ModularGrid Rack

I feel like you've been watching the forums from looking at this, nice balance of everything and some good choices for utility modules. The one comment I'd make is that I personally didn't really like the sound of the Chord V2 and know that's not an uncommon view, so I'd encourage you to dig in and give some unprocessed demo videos a listen if you haven't already.

Hi, I agree with @troux, that your above build already appears to have a good balance.

As far as your future / aspirational builds go, my (highly subjective) suggestions would include:

-- yes, of course, bigger case. Maybe considerably bigger (like Doepfer Monster) so you have good room to grow? Personally I've gone with stackable Doepfer cases because i) power supplies are robust ii) I figure if I need another similar case in a few years, there's a good chance Doepfer will still be offering cases. I want to avoid a bunch of odd size cases from different manufacturers -- instead trying to standardize my case setup(s). In any event, if you think you'll be into modular for a good long while, I'd recommend playing the "long game" with cases

-- complex oscillators: I've spent a lot of time with softsynths. IMO complex oscillators like MN DPO and Instruo C-sl are a lot of fun, a lot of (for me) the joy of modular (compared to VSTs). Also, these make me think more in terms of "west coast" synthesis, which is something modular is great at, and most VSTs relatively bad at.

-- waveshapers: again, for me, these are part of the joy of modular, and something modular excels at. Intellijel Bifold, Instruo wavefolders, Joranalogue. There are a lot of solid choices.

-- I think you could benefit from some more FILTER firepower in the rig, add some interesting items like the higher end filters from Rossum, Intellijel, Joranalogue, etc. These go way beyond what a VST filter can normally do. I'm trying to think of filters not only in the normal VST (frequency removal / accentuation) way but also in a more "west coast" way of adding / mangling frequencies, which is again something modular is better at (IMO) than VSTs. Rossum Linnaeus is a great example of a module that has a huge and unusual sonic range for a filter.

-- when you want more CV or more complex CV, I can suggest: Stages, which I love; 4MS SISM for shift, invert, scale, mix etc; a matrix mixer of some kind (CV-able or not); some of the ADDAC modules like Sum/Diff, etc. You already have a good bunch of CV, so probably add more CV-control modules like SISM, matrices etc before going too far with more CV.

-- more other utilities, various. Don't underestimate what more "humble" and perhaps non-obvious modules can add to your system in capabilities. This is kind of a bottomless pit topic. If you haven't seen these websites already, I would suggest searching on the Ladik and NonLinearCircuits websites will be very mind opening on just what "other" modules might be capable of adding to your rig. Additionally, searching a lot of Lugia's rigs and posts on this forum are a great way to consider other modules, setups, etc. I've learned a lot from studying his (and some other power-user's) setups and comments.

What's really good is it looks like you already have a solid setup and an idea of your focus and direction. SO you can just add and explore from there.

Again my suggestions above are very subjective / personal. Hope these give you some interesting ideas to explore!

Thanks for the replies. Yeah I've been paying attention to the forum. It's where I learned about Links and Kinks. Also, a while back I treated myself to a nice analog keyboard synth. On it I can modulate just about everything but the color of the case. From that I learned to favor devices that change the sound over the sound makers themselves.

The case I currently have os the Doepfer LC6. The next will be an LC9. Would love the monster, but it's a lot of empty space that I will feel compelled to fill, and with probably a lot of fancy modules I don't really need or want. You know, I just wanted to dip my toe into eurorack. I already feel like I've fallen into the pool and am at risk of drowning. So many modules.

I do have some aspirations for what comes after the LC6. I want to get a couple of other oscs/voices. Right now my eye is on the Erica Wavetable VCO and the IME Hertz Donut. As far as wave shapers, I've been considering the Joranalogue. Hadn't considered the Bifold. Also hadn't considered some of the other suggestions like the SISM. I'll take a look those. I was also thinking of eventually getting the Doepfer matrix mixer.

I'd like to add sequencing for the rhythmic stuff and keep the MIDI for playing melodies. I like the Erica Black, but the USTA looks interesting too.

The one thing I'm having a hard time with is what filters to add. I definitely want something beyond the standard LPF. I'll have to take a closer look at the Linnaeus. I really like the entire Rossum module lineup. Well, I have some time yet before I need to decide.

Anyway, thanks again.

Personally I think starting with a smaller rack isn't a bad thing, you can always add more cases later and limiting the scope helps you focus. My girlfriend might not agree though with a couple different cases sitting around the house 🤣🤣

If you want in-rack sequencing, do check out Vector. I got that recently, it’s the best sequencer of any kind I’ve ever used