After a forced break away from the synth I'm back and it's at such a great state to just jam around and build on top of what it is already capable of.

ModularGrid Rack
- Kick from Muxlicer [Clock Out] to Rampage [Trigg B] sending [B Out] to the VCA and Sine [V/oct] in, [Sub] to the mix
- Melody Muxlicer is self patched to control triggers per step and controls [VCO1] of the paradox, [VCO2] is changed by S/H at every end of cycle. Both Voltages are quantized by the Disting mk4
- Snare is noise with an LGP as envelope/VCA
- Mixing and Effects: I send my mixed voices in the filter first, and then to the FxAid for the glitchy slapback delay. There is also a secondary mono signal running dry from the mix to the headphone cue to instantly switch to a rich, non filtered signal path. Which I did not record, haha. I also didn't monitor the line out well enough, so the signal came in a little hot and distorts quite a bit)

Take care and have fun

Hi Zuggamasta,

Welcome back! :-) Back with a huge entry, my goodness, this is really good. Oh, I love that moment where your music changes around 1:17 or 1:18, kind of nice modern sequence style. Tangerine Dream can close their business, you will take over :-D

Ha, ha, the end of your track is very funny! :-)

Nicely done, thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

P.S.: How is the progress going with your DIY modules? Your rack looks pretty full :-) Do I notice a 3 or 4 HP free space, one more DIY module then? ;-) Are you considering a next rack or will you stay with the 98 HP?

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

Hey Garfiled, happy to hear that you enjoying my jam.

I was planning to do produce my own circuitboards, and panels but thought I rather spend money on actual solid modules rather then keep sinking money in new PCB layouts or miss drilled front plates. I'll still keep my CAD files and see if I can produce them some other day.

DIY/RACK-wise I'm now set up with 104hp of modules and 98hp of space. My plan is still to either build a 6U Rack from Z-Rails or add a second befaco skiff which could be nicely bracketed to the first one. The most recent DIY build is the fantastic LL8 from robaux in an advance to permanently move away from the midi-in module of my rack. More on that soon.

keep patching and take care