Cheers for listening, and yes thats a Cabbage ;-)

This is fantastic @wishbonebrewery, composition, sound design, mixing, all of it. Well done!

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

He, he, something else indeed. It's quite amazing how much variation you were able to put into this track, something I feel that many techno music is lacking however you managed that very well. As almost always, I am impressed by your percussion, nicely done!

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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@GarfieldModular is right @wishbonebrewery, the variation here is really nice, I want some patch notes!

Thanks guys :)

There is a background bit of BP filtered noise with random quant modulation from the 2hp RND then messed with in Clouds.
There is a Pip-pip noise which is a pinged filter with an envelope fired at it from an ALM PipSLope with a bit of Pico DSP delay.
I use all 4 parts of the ADDAC103, Bass Drum, Ratcheted kind of high tapping sound, then 2 different tone Toms. Hih-Hats come from the Patching Panda Hatz, Clap comes from the Prok CP, additional persussion from Roland TR09.
There is a filtered Saw wave bass note coming out of the Befaco EvenVCO triggered from the Noise Engineering Bin Seq, other sequecing from the Robaux LL8 and Dni Pro Dot.
Basically I was trying a patch with no Pitch CV.