Ok! So Moog mother-32 is coming and I am already thinking of expanding, but this is new territory. Everything I have done so far has solely been on my digitakt...and I love it! The only thing I dread is clicking through samples. So time to make my own sounds. So, I want this system to be a slow build. Maths and Plaits are my first additions. Trying to keep this in just another 60 HP...for now. The other 2...the Quad LFO and Chord Machine are the fun extras, but should they be? Am I missing anything necessary to have all these play nice together...including the digitakt?

Well, for one thing, I'd go with a beefier and proven power supply. Behringer's doing decent stuff, but you never, EVER want to skimp on power, as that's the part that can cause catastrophic failures. Also, you want to OVERspec the current ratings as far as you can, as this lets the power supply run cooler and, given that heat is the real enemy of electronic components, with a lot more stability. A 4ms Row Power 40 comes out to about twice the Behringer...but has a good amount of more current headroom over it, and in the end will probably be far more reliable as a result.

Thanks for the response! That's the thing I don't want to happen! I don't want to just have all the fun stuff and then realize I'm missing something necessary. So beefier power...done!