So my new 512 Vector sequencer arrived today, yay! I love it and can get first oscillator sequenced amazing.

However, when I connect an oscillator to the first pitch 1v/oct connection, I can create a new sequencer fine without a problem linked to the default Part 1. However, I am not able to create a sequence for the second oscillator connected to the pitch 2 and other pitch connections. How would I do this on the 512 Vector? Below is my first attempt

It works great on first pitch connection from the 512 Vector sequencer to the Erica Synths VCO. But when I connect another VCO to the second pitch and other pitch connections, I don't know how to create a sequence for playback.

Hi Sacguy71,

Great, a video with Erica Synths - Dual VCF (one of my favourite filters) and the Five12 sequencer Vector :-)

Regarding the Dual VCF from ES, try to make a patch with two inputs, either two outputs from the same oscillator or preferable with two inputs from two different oscillators, then take the two outputs to a stereo mixer. It's a stereo filter and making use of such is great, the possibilities of that filter become more clear then.

Regarding your question about the Vector sequencer:
- Press the blue "Preset/Scene" button (that brings you to the "Preset" overview of the current part)
- Then press the grey "Next" button (to the "Scene" overview of all parts)
- Then with the encoders select the Scene per part you want to select, if nothing is selected for such part then that's the reason why you don't get any result from part 2 for example, so if part 1 is at "A01" then it might make sense to put part 2 at "A01" as well (to get started). Note though that A01 from part 1 is different from the "A01" from part 2. Scenes are independent and configurable per part.

So then after done that, press the blue "Part" button, press the white button of part 1 and make sure at pitch & gate that you have configured there something. Do the same again for (press the blue "Part" button and press the white button of) part 2, and then it should work.

Use the main encoder (I think Jim calls it encoder 9 in his manual, doing this by heart though) to set all values at the same time, that's especially handy when doing the gate of a new part you haven't configured yet, use that main encoder to set all gates at the same time so you have faster some results :-) The fine adjustments of the gates per step you can then do later on with the individual encoders per step as one does with the pitch.

The best hint though is: take your sweet time and read first the entire manual, then things should become clearer. I, myself, would love a bit more extensive manual though. Everything or at least most of it has all been mentioned in the manual but sometimes you have to read it twice or thrice to completely understand it, a more extensive explanation would make it at certain points indeed a bit easier (in my opinion).

I hope it's kind of clear and helps you forward exploring the Vector. Have fun with it and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield- great tip on the Erica Synths Dual VCF will try that tonite.
As for Vector, I had a great chat today with Jim Coker the inventor of Vector and he was kind to help me out. Was great connecting with him on how he came to design it and so forth. I figured out the pitch stuff and now have a bunch of cool patterns going to several oscillators. I also figured out how to connect the expander correctly as it was not hooked up right. Jim graciously helped me on that as well. A fun sequencer and very powerful. I do wish that it had 30 CV outs and 30 gates but it is great. Paired with my Eloquencer an unbeatable combo to drive a very large modular system with ease. Now I just need another large eurorack mixer and that elusive comparator Lugia mentioned to me a while back.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

Jim Coker is super cool guy and it’s great to have modular inventors willing to help us out. I’m really liking Vector and glad that I bought a Doepfer monster case now. What can I say- sequencers are super fun in modular world compared to the boring step based xox ones in traditional hardware synths.

@sacguy71, any key recent learnings or techniques you're running with Vector?

I got mine (plus expander) a few weeks ago and am still learning it (for a while still). But overall very impressed, and happy with the purchase. It is my favorite sequencer of any kind on any unit, hardware or VST.

BTW I have found the Loopop and Ferry Collider videos on Vector to be well done and helpful.

Yes, I recommend the YT videos by Steve Turner as he is a real Vector guru! The main thing is to understand how routing and parts work on the sequencer. I am getting the hang of it and by far my favorite sequencer now for Eurorack and easiest to understand. Here are some links:

Basic tutorial on Vector

vector blog and tips by Steve Turner

Also be sure to join the large Vector 512 Facebook group and forum as well!

Both Steve and Jim are stand up gentlemen always willing to help out with questions.
After playing with the sequencer this weekend, it works better for melodic lead and pad sequences and not as good for drums as my other sequencers like Metron and Eloquencer but that's ok because what I was looking for at this point was a good complex melodic composition sequencer tool for modular and this ticks all the buttons. Plus it looks amazing and fun to use.

@sacguy71, thanks for the tips and references above!!!

Sure thing @nickgreenberg,

Glad to contribute and help. Everyone here is great and helped me when I had questions as well. I am using Vector and Stillson Hammer for leads/pads and Eloquencer/Metron/Euclidian Circles v2 for drums/beats. I clock them all together using Pamela New Workout or Data module.