Ah, of course, you need some way to control the depth. Thanks for being so informative, I'm learning a lot here
Ok slightly different train of thought: What would happen if you plug an Oscillator's output into it's own cv input making a loop? Would it make a complex wave shape, or just break the module?
Haha, sorry, just trying to learn how these things behave...

Nice, that sounds very useful. But to use an oscillator as a modulator it doesn't actually need the offset, right?

Very interesting, and how would you add the offset to make the voltage above zero?

Amazing, so there's no issue with mixing AC and DC signals?

So you can plug audio signal into cv input even though it's AC to DC?
I just want to use an a basic oscillator as an LFO, it should be simple...

So how would you set up an Oscillator with no cv output, as an LFO? Presumably you just slow down the Oscillator and plug it's audio output into a cv input, right??

I'm just starting to design a modular synth and i have a beginners question. Is it possible to use an Audio signal as a control voltage? Essentially all I want is to be able to use a standard oscillator as a modulator to control cutoff frequency, like you can do on the Pro-1 or EMS synth. I presume it is possible, but I realize that Audio is AC voltage and CV is DC voltage. So is it safe to mix these signals? Maybe someone brave can just try it and see if it works...