Thank you very much for your help. I'll take some time to really understand what direction to take with my rack.

Ok thank you I’ll look into those modules. So other than a mixer do you feel something important or usefull is missing in my rack?

Hello Ronin1973 thank you for your feedback. For sequencing I also have a keystep (and a novation circuit that can be used via midi with 0coast). I would like to add a mn rené and as you suggest a second mixer. I am a noob but I have a lot of fun even if I have no exotic modules :) Thank you!

Hello this is my rack. What would you add/remove from here? (28hp left)
Please consider that outside the rack I also have a mn 0coast
dreadbox echo and A118 are the two candidates to be sold (or not?)
Also sorry for my poor english.
Thank you for your help
ModularGrid Rack

hello, I'm here again asking for help. So this is my rack at the moment (outside I have always M32 and 0 coast) Am I missing something essentialnow? what could I add? pam's? EG?
ModularGrid Rack

After selling my op1 and buying mahts and erbe verb from a friend (also added z3000) this is what I've got now (this is the real situation of my case at present):

ModularGrid Rack

now I have to wait a bit for future modules. How's the situation going now? what can I add in my future buying list?
Thank you very much for your help and for your patience

Hi Lugia, I'm here again. Can you please tell me if there is something wrong with the following configuration? I decided to keep outside the case any sequencer. Don't have space for a vca. Is that a bad thing? Thank you again for your help!
ModularGrid Rack

Thank you again Lugia so this ModularGrid Rack is the point where I am. (Mother 32 and 0coast outside the case). Am I going in the right direction? More tips for future modules? Thank you

Thank you all for your tips. Ok Lugia so move #1 done: m32 is back in its case. Now outside my doepfer case I have the m32 and the 0-coast. What now? what module do I absolutely need considering my budget at the moment is 300/400 euros? Are doepfer LFOs good? I was looking at dooepfer A-145 LFO and A-156 QNT or should i look for something different? Do I need the erica synth Mscale for m32 and 0-coast?

Hello flaminggarlic, thank you for your tips, I’ll look for modulation modules, what do you think about batumi and the pittsburgh modular lifeform micro sequence? Nice video, rich of ideas, thank you.

ModularGrid Rack

Hello world. This is my rack now. Outside the rack I have a make noise 0 coast. What modules should I add now? Some must have doepfers? Maths? I'm interested in drones and ambient. Thank you very much for helping a noob.

Thread: What now?

Hello this is my rack now. What is missing? What can I add now? please consider that m32 and 0 coast are not in the rack but in their cases, so space is not a problem. My goal is to have a noise/drone/ambient system but also standard sounds. Thank you

Hi bubblefunk, thanks for your answer! I could also put the m32 in it's case and keep the space for future modules. At the moment I just can afford the case, clouds, and an output module: Rings will be my future next module.

Hello, I'm totally new to eurorack world. This is my first noob rack. Considered I already have a mother 32 do you think this rack could work for ambient/texture sounds? I don't know if I did well to add also an audio out module...I'd like to record into live or logic. Is it ok or am I totally wrong? Thank you for your help