BEWARE @modulante has sold me DIY clouds with a disfunctioning mode button and blend knob.
Sadly due to some other things it took me a lot of time to first find out about the issue, than test many repair options like different firmware etc.
I asked about the issues 6 days ago and there was no answer so far. I will retract this message when the issue is resolved, obviously.
His PayPal is

I started of because I had a moog minitaur and I wanted to use something similar to its filter in in stereo. So I bought a mmvcf (which I am selling now btw because I found out that stereo is overhyped lol). 3 years down the rabbit hole I own about 6000 euros worth of eurocrack modules. I have not finished many tracks in the last 3 years but I have played spontaneous live set and I feel that I have vastly progressed in my understanding of electronic music.
And: I am slowly finding my own language in music, unique tones that I like and feel like I own. Big helpers there where wavefolders and the like. Also not trying to emulate classical synthesizer pathways but patching more freely (modules sometimes patch into themselves etc).

Now to the question of adding a Dixie to the mother. A friend went exactly down that road. Needless to say he sold his mother and now has a 2 row 80hp system with the Dixie, ripples, vcf 74, some mutable things etc.
And also: the best 2nd Osc for a mother and the only one that really works to do that: being the 2nd Osc for a mother is... Another mother :).

So tread carefully... :)

I can't find it in any store in Europe, so where am I suposed to buy it?

Please help!
-- txuk

dear txuk, the module will be available for pre-order starting April. It's not out yet.
mike (birdkids)

-- birdkid
Hi Mike,

anything new on that?

cheers from Vienna,

As can be read in this thread @Drazen is not accepting responsibility for his forgoing of mentioning problems with customs. He also does not react to messages of me requesting a full refund as I really don't feel like paying the customs office for his "mistake" of not mentioning that the Stuff he marks as EU come from outside the EU. As I said: "Full refund" + letting the package bounce from Austria back to Quatar would be totally fine for me but he wont react. I feel like this might be systematical. On the other hand I am sad that Quatar is not part of a customs union and it must be VERY hard to get modules there. But for everybody it would be soo much fairer to be transparent about the situation. @Drazen, if you read this: there is still time (they keep my package until the 10th) to step up and refund either partially or fully.
Sad - this is kind of my first not so good experience out of about 20 transactions on the marketplace...

Thanks @Drazen for the Sub6 mixer. Arrived quickly, and "like new" as described!
-- SpaceCowboy

Unfortunately this guy @Drazen uses unacceptable selling practices.

The case: On all of his offers on marketplace (and there are many of them) he's marked his region as EU.
Having proceed transaction with him, buying a used Make Noise “Rene” for 360€ (shipping incl.),
i was very unpleasantly surprised when realised that according to DHL shipment tracking information
he provided, the true location dispatch was actually from DOHA / QATAR !!

This means that (under the relevant laws of Greece, where I am based) now have to pay an extra fee of 70€
for customs clearance, plus an additional fee of about 50€-100€ (depending on weight, kind, etc.) for “used
electronics" tax, even if the package marked as "gift".

During this misleading info tactic @Drazen obviously applies in order to find a broader list of potential
buyers, than on his true non EU region area, now i should pay no less than about 480€ for a used item while
on my local store ( a brand new "Rene" costs 499€!

This is outrageous!

Even though cannot call this strait as a Fraud (as the extra money won't go in "Drazen’s" pocket), however it is
an extremely faulty practice and definitely a real Fraud in terms of buyers wallet.

EU residents Beware of your transactions with "Drazen Saric" :(


-- dmgd3ar

I have a similar experience with @Drazen and I had the same feelings but on the other hand you can not list an item in Marketplace located Middle East or Central Asia ( Is this a technical limitation ? @modulargrid ). It would be adequate if @Drazen would have indicated in his Description

-- cereyanlimusiki

I feel sorry if this is how you feel. I have never ever tried to hide the location of my modules for sale, if only you would have asked.
If someone just asks for PayPal address and transfers money without making any inquiries apart from "rack rash" then I don't see any problems. I have been honest to all my buyers about the location of my modules and their condition. It is listed as EU as I do live in EU, but as someone who lives from music recording and production I do move a lot and have more than one base. Some modules are shipped from London, some from Berlin and some indeed from Doha, Qatar. If people would have been more inclined to leave feedback then I'm sure the rest of you would know the truth.


-- Drazen

I would also love to have a feature of favoriting a module that you might want to buy in the future or that you just like without owning it. I guys the Notification on the marketplace is a bit like that but I would just like to have a favorite list without getting those notifications, to build fantasy future racks with my favorite modules etc.

A way to "star" (GitHub style) a module would be a great way to keep track of interesting modules.
-- Arko

I think we had similar requests in the thread on Muffs. A list for favorite or owned modules which is also accessible in the planner for quicker drag'n'drop. This might come.

-- modulargrid

True enough. I am biting though.

Brilliant Overview, thanks!

Oh. Wow. This is the beginning of the #behringer Attack on Eurorack. Fck me.

Awesome post! Love the cv delay idea!

Lovely, too bad that not all modules are available in New Zealand. Otherwise I think it would fit ideally to the under-water conditions of cove diving.

I had nothing but great trades here with:
@mindmachines33 (my first sell)

These people make me believe in a better humanity possible.