Thread: Bug Report

There seems to be a bug in the module search form.
When you search for modules available in a particular marketplace, the "Secondary Function" field is ignored. Or rather even more complicated, only one of the "Function" fields work.

Hi just a heads up, you mention modulargrid and youtube so maybe you are not aware of muffwiggler forums, there you will find probably the biggest source of eurorack info and advices.

He updates the site fairly frequently, so most probably it's true.

You'll get more answers @ muffwiggler forums

I would suggest to ask this question over at muffwiggler, much bigger audience.
This would be probably the right forum there:

thank you for this site, it's great.
The feature 'Show Racks of other users which share similar modules' in Command Center is interesting. However I think it selects and orders similar racks solely based on the number of the same modules as in the selected rack. So for a rack which includes a 2hp Osc we get this one as the most similar:
ModularGrid Rack (61 x 2hp Osc, nothing else)
and that's just not very exciting :).
Perhaps one easy way to mitigate this would be to count only distinct shared modules. So the above rack would have a score of 1 and not 61.

Hi, I think you will get more responses at the forums.