I would describe myself as a hobbyist noisemaker, never a musician.

I've got a standalone Behringer Model D, and it's very fun to play with. I just got a LaunchKey Mini and its MIDI out cable. This enables me to not need a computer/midi-host.

Now that I'm enjoying my synth computer-less, what's a good way to get some stereo delay and reverb, and also a stereo headphone jack output? (I'm not using speakers, so 1/4" outputs are not needed).

I was thinking maybe an effects module (such as Mutable Instruments Beads/Clouds) plus an "ALM019 - HPO" could do the trick.

I could make my own wooden box for these, but then I'd need a power supply. Should I get a eurorack power supply/bus and just use that, further complicating something seemingly small? I'm not yet ready to take the Model D out if its box, but perhaps I could tap it's power supply?

Any suggestions are welcome!

EDIT: I forgot the title, perhaps such a box already exists? I'd love to hear about it!