Hi Garfield,

The Rene is "okay"...its just for the money and space, I was hoping it'd be more performant. Well, I got it, and it does the job, so maybe I can learn it better. I'm sure there's more potential than I tapped.

You'll have to let me know if your sequencers work out. Someday, I'm thinking of getting a standalone sequencer. I mostly use the OP-1's....which is pretty good. I was lucky enough to get it when it was "only" $1000. I think of it more as a toy studio than a toy sythensizer.

The Morphagene is great! If you want voltage-controlled tape (that doesn't sound like tape, but also doesn't have its limitations), go for it. My newest "trick" is recording voices, decreasing the grain size to small, and then morphing through the real with CV. Can get that horror-movie sorta sound.

The E370...also great! Yes, its a lot of money, and its huge, my if you want quad morphing wavetable oscillators (and I did!), it's worth it. It is a bit more setup (loading and selecting wavetables, usually hearing them on the computer first) than most of the rest of my modules (I mostly want immediacy), but I knew that going into it. Even just the wavetable playback by itself can make for some great oscillators....then you add morphing and yum!

The octasource is great. I'm glad you enjoy yours. I actually very often pair it with the E370 to have morphing with different LFO phase offsets, but its a great LFO for just about everything. I wish it had a clock out, but I guess having a clock in I can't complain too much.

Kind regards, Garfield. I just finished planning my rack (still several modules to buy); not enough VCA or LFOs, as usual, but...sigh, ya can't have everything. If I ever get to the point of having more time to actually make music, I may consider a bigger rack in a devoted music room.....but that day won't be soon!

Hi GarfieldModular,

Thanks for the correspondence and ideas. To give you some context, this is my secondary rack. While my "big boy" rack isn't much bigger ( ModularGrid Rack ), between the two of them and several standalone synthesizers (one of the reasons I'm a bit light on oscillators and filters), including the Minibrute2 it is connected with....I can't complain about my hobbyist level. For the sake of space in my house and pocket book, filling out my eurorack and getting Glo the polyphonic whale, I mostly just want a rack that can do some intereesting sounds and rhythms.

Oscillators? Yes, I have two of them! The sinc iter is a tiny oscillator with lots of character (IMHO). I was originally going to get at least 4 of them and a midi->CV converter for some real polyphony. The MakeNoise telharmonic is quite nice as well (and if you haven't heard it, and like additive synth...check it out). Sure, I'd love more....so many delicious + lush sounding oscillators on the market today.

Ah, the Rene. I bought it thinking it would be the sequencer that would change my life. It....didn't. It's fine for what it is, but overall I wish I had gone for, say, a voltage block or something. If anyone wants to trade, I'd be down. Its actually one of the few modules I've bought that I kinda regret :/ I have a tiny rack it used to sit alone in, but honestly, I'd rather have other modules. I'm too cheap to just give it away at this point.

Overall, my main point of this rack is to design interesting (mostly monophonic) sounds and rhythms. So, yes, EGs, filters, and VCAs for the win. It is sitting on a desk with the minibrute2 (I love semimodular!), an OP-1 and the (admittedly seldomly used folktek mescaline) as (let's call it) station 2. My other rack is surrounding by...lots more keyboards and some pedals and what not in station 1. In some mythical world that I have space someday those stations will combine. I'd like to be able to do some decent drums....so the BI alter, yes, and something to make some creative rhythms....though I can always drive that from, say, the OP-1 sequencer (Kenton MIDI box not shown).

Hmmm...30 HP left. What I would like:
* more envelopes, function generators, LFOs, what have you
* obvie some VCAs . It would be nice to find exciting ones...
* an arpegiator
* a filter/dual filter.

I only have one Maths...maybe soon two. While I don't have the money to shell out for a whole rack of Maths, man would I want to play with such a thing. Could probably have 2-4 at audio rates (I suppose 2 if you don't have a mixer), and the rest LFOs and LFOs modulating other LFOs. I dunno...give me the rack and I'll give you some patches

Fuck yeah