bought a module very friendly very convenient and fast - can recommend

Yeh maybe i can swap the first row out for marbles along with 2-3 one players that would give me 2-3*256 sounds

Hey lugia thanks for the reply!
You're absolutely right with the lighting Situation thats why i got myself a few led lights to brighten up my Rack.

Its hard for me to part with voices even though i could use a tiptop audio one with samples i love having access to a myriad of sounds (i am doing glitch/hitech psy stuff) but i am not convinced in the one sample player yet..... I sequence it with voltage block. maybe i should let a noise/random source do the sample select thing to get more Variation?
With Metropolis+loquelic+qpas i do my basslines together with the second loquelic Mixed.
Shapeshifter+micro sequence cover my leads and sometimes fx.
The plaits and synchrodyne fill in melodies and occasional bleeps'nbloops

Other then that i got kick,snare,hihats and percussive samples from the tiptop one. Doesnt seem too much to me

hi playing around with this in two cases atm. the upper 2 rows are like additional voices i really like and cannot seem to part with. even though i know i probably got too many (complex) osc.
while playing live i found myself struggling for switching off / muting certain sounds.... is there a space saving variant maybe with buttons like the divkid mutes?
does the malekko mute switch and other mute buttons klick? or is it more wise to use the mutes on the gates triggering sounds?
thanks in advance


ps: i also want to cram in my piston Honda mk3 but its really hard for me to switch something out

you'd need some kind of lift to reach the upper modules.... or a staircase built of smaller racks... :-D

well u got to try the 301 out.... for me it was too fiddly and time consuming

Hi folks,

i just wanted to show off my rack, still thinking about switching a VCO for an analog one, and maybe adding something to chain together sequences from voltage block, i still change them by hand i wish i could automate that (without adding the Varigate 8+)
maybe with a precision adder or a sequential switch? what would you suggest?

greets Dennis ;-*

Ps: maybe i switch the uVCF for the Polaris or ripples.... kinda crave for a more organic bubbly filter...

maybe try out placing the 2hp modules between bigger modules to get better playable accessibility to the knobs
im currently going crazy fiddling around my 2hp mix and 2hp verb ''twiddling'' the knobs :-(

did you already play with the sequencers? maybe some mutable mixing module? im currently looking for something like that myself for immediate control over channels

are you using the befall mixers for audio or do you use a external mixer?

Thread: Dual System


im planning on 2 Racks complementing each other. One is more suited for melody tasks (metropolis + shifty + eventually a buffered multiple), the other case for techno/glitchy stuff (the telharmonic providing a melody/chord source).

im currently struggling finding a convenient routing / mixing solution....
i know... more vcas? i just wish there was a smaller mutamix module (i love faders and mute switches )

anyone got any tips for my routing/mixing problems? you think i lack anything in particular?

cheers, Dennis

isn't the 4ms VCA matrix a little bit oversized for a ''smaller'' case? i would use the mutable veils or another HP saving quad VCA. Other than that an attenueverter for the E350 is essential. I am using a Z.lob attenumixer. works just right. Im planning on getting a Erbeverb myself, drooling over the demos :-D
drone on boi!

Hi Lugia

thanks for the response :-) sorry but i think there is a problem or some kind of bug, when im logged in, it shows me my current rack as i really laid it out. But when im logged off i can see there are still old modules (like the NE sinclastic VCA/AD) in there..... is there a way to ''refresh'' my rack to the current state?


Hey Folks,

tried coming up with a 2 separated voice complex VCO rack, what do you think is it lacking? i thought about swapping the motomouth with a smaller filter (i.e. polivoks) to get some space

i have another small rack with yarns so i will combine this rack with a digitakt and an octatrack for my drum sounds
glitchy IDM trancey techno electro stuff

I love the style! you could try to put the Sequencers on the upper left and right corner instead of the blind panels. Then the patch cables don't go that far and around your whole rack. What do you plan to use the CV Pal for?
cheers, Dennis

Hi Guys,

is it possible to use the pulse out from Shapeshifter to trigger Plonk? i want to use 4ms SMR to pitch Shapeshifter and Shapeshifter triggering Plonk. How do you guys feel about that would it work out?

cheers Dennis

Hi im trying to start a Shapeshifter focused rack, its the second try and i think im in love with the metropolis even tho its in the far future to afford it.
so what else would i need? i fell in love with the shapeshifter since watching the demo video from mylarmelodies and yea... since then i can't get it out of my head

hey guys, thank you very much for the suggestions. i got my hands on a mutable instruments veils. it will take place as mixer for the voices. the ornament and crime will work as my ADSR module. and i came to the conclusion to just change my workflow (if using without octatrack) to not ''switch'' the voices on and off.
Now im just wondering if i could make room for an Intellijel shapeshifter or should i make an extra case..... :-/

has anyone of you a case just with VCOs and a separate case for filters / effects? would that be a logical (playable) approach?

Hi Folks,

i have a HUGE problem! i cannot come up with a solution for my setup, i can sequence my 4 VCOs / sound sources, can modulate and filter them but how do i mix them? it would be nice to have a mixer with switches to turn on/off a channel instantly and with voltage control over gain per channel. and i am thinking about switching clouds for a ''normal'' reverb module... the clouds is a little bit hard to tame it seems to get out of control really fast (parasites installed)

can you help me?
greetings Dennis

thanks i spent some time now getting into the sequencer of yarns. but its really difficult, i think ill just use its function to midi - cv for my octatrack (if i ever manage to wrap my head around that) i believe the pico seq would suit me more (for the rnd function and no menu diving)


so i now plan for a bigger case, as racconiac suggested ;-D
here now with a Quad VCA. I don't fully understand the Erica Dual EG/LFO. can the LFOs be synced to e.g. a sequencer? would be a zone B.F. dual LFO fit better?
i want to use it as a esoteric sound experimentation machine

Hi thanks for The reply, im going to get a bigger case ;D i have to look up how to use The yarns sequencer, its Even hard for me to use it with octatrack didnt really work the way i wanted (lfos and arpeggios via the midi tracks) and i wanted to use one pico seq to control the morpheus filter. I find Informations / tutorials about yarns are hard to find

Hi folks,

first off: yeah i don't got any VCA - that bothers me a lot because i am searching for a small multi VCA wich can function as a mixer for my 3 main sound sources. i started the rack with the thought to control it per octatrack (yarns) and with my Analog 4. But now i want to use it as a standalone rack too. thats why i added the LFOs and Sequencers.
It seems to come out pretty.... droney? what u think?