I just picked up a Westlicht Performer. I really like how it works for live. I also have a 1010 Music Toolbox... I really don't like it for live work.

You might want to follow Ricky Tinez on Youtube regarding EDM and Eurorack performances. He floats between hardware gear (non-Eurorack) and Eurorack solutions. He might have some sage words of advice if you ask him. He's pretty good at responding to his Youtube comments.
-- Ronin1973

Thanks for the advice. I'll go find him on youtube.


I've had my setup since July 2018 and currently have:
4ms Row Power 40
Piston Honda mk3
Double Andore mk1
Wasp Filter
Erica Synths Bassline
Fusion VCA 2
Dual FX
Batumi & Poti
Pico Output

I like my rack alot but I'm looking to expand my rig with effects, utilities and signal processors. I think I could have a lot of fun with the modules I've researched. I currently use stackables as mults but don't mind getting a dedicated mult module.

Rack below. I currently use my rack for drones, stabs and weird noises. I currently make techno with my rack in conjunction with Digitakt, cv.ocd and Analog 4 mk2. I sequence my rack with A4 or Digitakt.

From my choice of new modules, I don't have another vco. I'm a bit on the fence about getting the Erica Synths Stereo Delay and could perhaps put that towards another oscillator e.g. Hertz Donut mk3 or Erica Synths Fusion vco 2. Or even a sampler or looper e.g. Morphagene or Tyme Sefari. I had also considered CV sequencers like the voltage block. The Retro Mechanical Labs module is big but I loved what I heard from youtube. My bench space is quite limited at the moment so would prefer the rack version. Also I could use it with my Digitakt or A4. I have also considered the Geiger Counter instead. I'm also not sure if I need another envelope generator but the Pingable EG looks perfect for techno. That plus Pamela's New Workout could be alot of fun. I had maths before and never really gelled with it. I don't really like the Make Noise module aesthetics.

The 4ms Row Power 40 has a +12V rating of 1.5 mA while my expanded rig is approx 1.3 mA. I'm not sure if that is too close.
ModularGrid Rack