Dear Lugia,

I'm responding a little late but that's because I wanted to let it sink in for a while. I haven't had much time to really lower it yet but what a fantastic setup have you configured here. I don't think I will go along with everything but there is a lot for me to learn and explore here. I'll report back as soon as I get that far. For now, thank you very much!

All the best!


ModularGrid Rack

Also building a performer case builded around the Metron as my gate and the Metroplixes as my pitch sequencers. talking about sequencers I wonder if I should buy something like a Vector for purposes the Metropolix is not really made for. But that aside, the idea is to build around 4 voices (DPO, Spectrum, BIA, Plaits). Last week I bought the Synthesis Technology E 370 for droney/paddy purposes.

So resuming what I have quitte clear and workable in my setup is the following.

Drums: Metron, VPME Quad Drum, Crater, Chimera, Crucible
Leads 1: Metron or Metropolix to Bia
Leads 2: Metropolix to DPO
Bass: Metropolix to Spectrum
Piano/strings (orchestral stuff): Metropolix to Disting EX
Pads/Drones: Tete/Tetrapad or Metropolix to E370

I have done several live streams with my former setup but with this new one I need to make a lot of practicing hours to feel sure enough to perform.

What would you advise me? What is missing, are there unnecessary overlaps etc..

Ps: the lowest row are 2 Intellijel 104hp palette cases next to each other so I actually have 18U height.

Cheers ✌🏼