It's a pleasure. I think the key thing to take away from it all is that ACL know what they're doing and the quality is top notch.

A quick chime about the ACL Discrete Core Ladder and Stefan's support in general:

The module is a lovely sounding filter - my favourite in fact! It's very well thought out with a 3 channel mixer, 2 frequency cv inputs, resonance cv, outputs for 6, 12, 18 and 24 db/oct slopes, bass boost and a two feedback circuits to get either the classic ladder taper as the frequency drops or another that allows you to get the resonance pretty low. The filter takes to overdriving and fm very well. Slamming the inputs at high resonance settings sounds absolutely killer. I picked up the AJH at the same time and ended up sending it back as the ACL ladder could do everything the AJH could and then some.

Speaking with Stefan has been a pleasure too; he's a super cool guy to talk with.

Attention to detail and sonic quality is the name of the game for them and it really shines through playing with the filter. On the whole my experience with ACL has been very positive and I can't recommend trying their modules out enough.