Hello, im producing stuff using non-modular gear; but i wanted to get into it with the purpose of making generative slowly evolving drones that i can play over on drums/keys. I'm not so new to modulars (i've got Ciat-Lonbarde gear), but euro just have so much stuff compared to 4U. I know that i want Benjolins - i know this circuit from 5U, and NTO from Serge. Just the sounds i love already. The problem comes as to how to modulate it and whats enough and whats overkill. The brain of my system is Octatrack.

ModularGrid Rack

Very nice trades with @robocoder & @UndercoverBrother - both items as described, packed like an effing tank, fast delivery & response during the process. Highly recommended, will trade again :)

Thank you very much again! So very informative :). I've remodeled for a smaller starting setup - ModularGrid Rack - the Koma Mixer & Fumana are both superb & superbly expensive piece of gear - and after watching demos - Fumana is the choice. For mix i'll do with Scan & Pan's for now; maybe when i finish the rack i'll go further with this. Should be enough ? Suggestions ?

I don't think i've missed anything crucial. Still on the fence on Catalyst Audio vs more Verbos stuff. Looking for demos of CA b100 clones, please post if you have them : ) . Especially for the oscillator.

8 oscs
14 VCAs (6 lpgs, 8classic)
8 envelopes (well, more if you count the multiple outs, but 8 controllable by hand)
7 filters
3 FX
Lots of controlled randomness.
The control base will be ipad with Lemur
Mixing is going to be external or maybe on a skiff

Everything is hands-on touchable, absolutely no menus, screens - its ment to be played like a piano :D


I've switched Cwejman's & Twin Peaks for 2 rossum filters.
As for Mescaline - for now i'm gonna have her in the rack - when i fill everything up then ill surely think about the next steps.
Dupont to 3.5mm - is that considered safe ? That might open up Mescaline a LOT : ) . Curious.

I love folktek sound and will be sure to follow what they do, but Conduit as a standalone module is imo not enough, and i already have matter with 4 resists on "mental' module with custom breadboard so i'm kind of waiting for them to expand upon the lineup a bit more to maybe make a full folktek/dupont rack :). I've looked at bastl dupont things and while they seem like fun pieces, the sounds they make are kind of meh for me.

Hello folks; just want to confirm if this will work how i think it will work ;) Already started collectin'.

Here is the baby: ModularGrid Rack
I'm already in process of DIY'ng the case. Power will be multiple L-1s

There are basically 3 main sections of this -

Soundscape - Mescaline + OB + rainmaker + Alters - this will be my soundscape pads/background progressing drones etc.

Drums - NE modules + Mescaline's matter driven via pair of 101-102 (for main perc stuff) + Sapel/Turing in controlled random percentage.

Melody/Music - Sinfonion as global control of pitches/progressions. Mangroves into natural gates with quad modcan envelope into chord progression of sinfonion. 2x 301 in stereo 4 individual voices. Sequenced via 2nd pair of 101-102.

Modulation - 16 outs from ipad with lemur via shuttle control, 12 from 2x cv trinity, 8 from 2x o_c.
Control - frames, planar, sinfonion, ipad, channel, and NE corssfader are all playable live.
Pam's the master clock.

Why no VCAs? - 301 has integrated vca. Mangrove Air is a VCA, Natural Gate is a VCA. I'll mostly run my modulation as automations/Lfos/FM and for some crucial stuff i can push it out of Lemur.

Mixer will be external. Did i miss anything super crucial :) ?