What do you guys think of his critique of the Tempi in this video? Critique starts around 8:58 and he gets more detailed over the next few minutes.

Are these issues still present or have they been fixed since this video came out?

Wow Lugia!

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond in depth! There are a number of modules in there that I am not familiar with so I'll have to do a little research.

It looks like the Buchla stuff hasn't been released yet so I'll have to wait on exploring those, but I'm really excited to dig into you suggestions!

You only have the Trident in there for oscillators. Think that will be enough with that setup? I guess you are considering I have a Moog Grandmother too and the disting.

Are you mostly suggesting the Tempi over a PNW because it pairs with Rene? From videos I've watched I feel like i'm leaning toward PNW.

Last questions. Where would you start with your suggestions? I can't get everything at once and some have not released yet.

Again thanks for your time!

ModularGrid Rack

Hey everyone!

Thinking of selling and buying some modules for my Eurorack and would love some opinions.

My current setup is the Rack above and a Moog Grandmother.

I mostly use it for Acid like bass lines, drones, and other random things but I'd like to maybe sell a few things and buy some new ones.

Thinking of selling
Arpitech - because...its ok but I don't love using it.
Rene - I like it but maybe sell this for a Metropolix

Also, I have a lot of room for new things. Been thinking about a Pam's New Workout, Happy Nerding 3xMIA, HN fx aid, an X Y controller, Ls1 Lightstrip maybe another Oscillator or a Jove Filter.

What do you think is missing from this setup?

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, what you are saying makes sense. I like that FM aid for sure.

Yesterday I went to Control here in Brooklyn to see what they had on hand. Spent maybe an hour there playing around with the ton of gear they have setup. After playing with a few of oscillators I kept coming back to the Mangrove by Mannequins. There is something about that module that just sounds so good to my ears.

In my setup I want to be able to send midi data from Ableton and receive the audio signal back. So after talking with the guys there for a bit I came up with this basic setuip if I were to go this route.

ModularGrid Rack

I wonder in this setup if the Maths and Dynamix are a bit redundant or not.

This is also a much bigger expense than just getting a NYX, especially once a case is included, and I'd still need more modules to get up to the same functionality, but damn, that Mangrove sounds good. Since I am just working on music in my spare time for fun I wonder if I really want to go down this rabbit hole or not.....still undecided.

Any idea, if I wanted to build my own case, where I would get the rails and all the parts needed for power?


I'm pretty new to all this and have been thinking about buying a Dreadbox NYX or an Atlantis. Since I found this site I've been wondering what it would take to build a modular rack that would be similar to the above semi-modular systems. Could you build one on your own that would sound as good, have all the functions, and not cost as much? Or would it cost more to build a fully modular system?

I've been looking at all the parts myself but there are so many things and most people builds on here seem to be really over the top. So, I thought I'd ask here first and see what kinds of system ya'll would suggest.