Okay. Tweaked a bit:
ModularGrid Rack

I left one of the Mixups in, since I think I'll still want to be able to sub-mix pre-Clouds or Magneto.
The TT-One should be on the top rack, but I have it on the bottom at the moment just to show potential available space (6hp).

Thanks for the feedback.
Now that I'm looking at it - you're right. I did have everything arbitrarily slotted into place without a thought for workflow, and it seems much better with that layout. Also, the addition of more envelope & VCA is a wiser choice in the end. I do have some personal thoughts on it though...

So I understand your removal of the uScale, since the Metropolis does it's own quantizing, but now I'm beginning to think I should forego the Metropolis altogether for something that's more of a brain / control centre, like a Hermod -- hear me out. What I enjoy and find most exciting about the uScale is using the shift function to switch between my pre-programmed scales and emulate 'chord' changes, and from what I've read, this is something the Metropolis doesn't do well without feeling clunky and rigid. Hermod might not be any better (I'm still reading about it), but my first impression tells me that it would facilitate those changes a lot easier.

ModularGrid Rack

Hey! So I'm looking for some advice and feedback for my planned expansion to my current rig.
At the moment, I have an Intellijel 4U 104hp case and currently own the Batumi, Rings, Clouds, Overseer, Kinks, uScale, TT One, Function, a Varigate 4+ and a 2hp TM, but am planning to upgrade those last two with Metropolis and Marbles respectively.

My intention is to create generative ambient sounds using Marbles for random, Rings and Plaits as my sound sources, Clouds and the Magneto and Overseer for effect, with minimal percussion elements coming from the plonk, and everything else for cv / gate. The TT One I use to play longer field recordings.

I'm curious what you think I might be lacking with this current set up or how I can improve it.
For me, I imagine having another OSC in the mix to add sub-bass elements (maybe a Dixie2) would be beneficial, and think I could remove the Metropolis to gain space, but keeping my Varigate4+ doesn't seem to appealing to me. I've read it doesn't work well with Pam's, and although I like the ability to output multiple gate or cv combinations, I find it uninspiring. If I do go that route, perhaps removing the Magneto instead for another OSC and a few dedicated effects is another option.

Anyway, let me know what you think!

Thread: First Go

Thanks for the feedback. A lot of this is hypothetical at the moment, since I'm slowly piecing it together (currently just have Rings, Clouds, and the I/O). I only added that second 3xVCA because I frequently read about the importance of VCAs, but perhaps a filter would be a better choice.

Thread: First Go

Starting to build my first modular rig. Aiming to produce ambient and minimal sounds. Any feedback would be helpful, thanks!