We've made a couple new demonstration songs using our HG-16 Black synth.
Check out our Soundcloud page here if you're so inclined :)

-Audiospektri Finland

We've made a new (more musical) demonstration video of our modular synth's vocoder modes!
If you're interested, check it out here:

Any feedback would also be greatly appreciated :)

Reply to the comment on HG-30 by the manufacturer: The 30 band generator perhaps has been found to be an overkill, therefore we have also introduced a 16 band generator, the HG-16 which is also lower cost. Although the number of sliders has been reduced, the reduction in performance does not fully follow that factor, e.g. the vocoder modes are practically identical, and it has the same number, 14 operating modes. Naturally it also requires less rack space, it is 24 HP wide.