Thanks, Lugia. I didn't think much about the case/pwr here. I was just trying to see if the modules added up to something meaningful. Right now I'm imagining that I will get a minimal case that's at least 3U/104hp, powered. I have assumed with the kind of thing I'm imagining would be fine with whichever basic power supply I might end up with (uZeus, e.g.).

I've been reading and reflecting on modular synthesis for several weeks and have begun seeing what my route forward might look like. I'm an experimental guitarist with a lot of performance experience, and I would like to incorporate a modular rig to my setup, and perhaps eventually transition to a more modular-centered approach. For now, however, I imagine the modular rig to be in service of the guitar rig.

I've come up with a very simple modular set-up that is to take a guitar signal as input and which works just with that. I've included a percussive element for ornamentation, and I have placed a mixer at the end because I assume I need to focus and condition the signal for output. I've included a Maths for general utility. After getting this kind of setup working I will begin to add more filtering and processing modules.

Here's the screenshot.

ModularGrid Rack

I would be grateful for feedback that might show me what I'm missing/forgetting. I'm also not sure about power and output. The mixer might not be necessary, e.g. Many thanks!