Well. I printed this Setup and pinned it on my wall. Better than any Pinup Girl.
Wondering with what modules i should start :D
Thank you for your help Lugia.

Thank your very much for your feedback.
Ok i think i decided on a Case. As i know me i tend to spend a lot in something that sounds good an i will probably fall in love with modular very soon. So i think i will get a quite big first case. 12U 114HP from MDLR Case
Not sure if the PSU-3 is a good PSU for this Rack. But 2000mA sounds nice, but not enough if i want to fill up the rack.

So i set it up here and played around with your recommendations. Im not so sure if i can get into the 4vox. It looks like fiddeling in menues and i want to avoid that.
Also i ignored my 4000 EUR limit but i left some spaces. So maybe you have some ideas how to fill the whole Rack with modules (maybe more utilies) that makes sense (the fun part)?

But money matters and so i have to start with a very basic Setup (probably even lower than my 4000 EUR Limit). But as i am only human and like to dream, i wonder how you would fill up the rack :D

80s-type VST Killer Rig
80s-type VST Killer Rig

Hi guys.
I like to get into the world of modular.
What i have:
- A budget around 4000 EUR.
- A DAW (cubase 9.5) with an RME Raydat Interface.
- A Beringer ADA8200
- A SE-02 Synth
- Komplete Kontrol, Maschine Studio
- A lot of Plugins and Softsynth
As you can see, I am/was a VST only Guy.

What i do:
Most of my Productions fall into Synthpop, Futurepop and Synthwave. Allways mixed with some 8bit Chiptune Sounds. Sometimes i like it even a little harsh going into heavy Distortion and running the Synth thru GuitarAmp (simulations...)

What i want:
I want a to go modular. With buying my first analoge synth (SE-02) i think this little machine sounds so amazing. I tried to emulate the se-02 with my u-He Diva. I came close but maybe only in my imagination, that little box sounded fuller and fatter. But after a few weeks i reached the limitations. After all it is 3 OSC -> Mixer -> Filter with 2 envs and a delay.
I want this (becourse i know how to program sounds in need quickly), but i want more.
I want to play may Modular with my Komplete Kontrol Keyboard and record it into cubase. As i have 3 ADAT in/out free (only one is connected to my ada8200), i can probably use Expert Sleepers Stuff for that purpose.
I want route signals out of cubase, run them thru Hardware. And i want modules that just cannot be done with some VSTs (or in a way better soundquality) I have some tube distortion, ringmodulation and maybe a vocoder in mind.
Is my sound is often 80ties related i would love filters from juno, but of course a moog filter is also nice. Maybe i can even add my Chiptune passion later on. So what do you think of my Rack. As i am totaly new, i probably forgot something.

VST Killer