Can this somehow be patched to be used as a trigger/clock?

Can this somehow be patched to be used as a trigger/clock?

Just a heads up, the black Maths is unobtanium at sane prices. I'd recommend looking at the standard silver panel if you are dead set on Maths.
-- farkas

Or look into a nice, black replacement panel.

+1 on Ochd.

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It seems like the total price of grids dissapeared. Maybe intentional. Just wanted to mention it.

I have three of them... one in each case, except for the XOH in my Make Noise case... great little headphone out module...
-- DroneAlone

How does the sound quality compare to the XOH or similar? I'm thinking of switching my XOH for an HPO to save some hp, and since i only have one voice i dont really need mixing capabillities. And im very, very rarely run the modular through my monitors anyway..

Thread: Bug Report

Sometimes when planning a rack and you refresh the browser, some modules drops out. To fix it you add them to their original place again and do another refresh, same happens. It's like the current state of the rack can't be saved. This can go on for weeks on the same rack that those module once again are gone the next time you visit the rack. Could be some cache issue? I'ts the same in inkognito mode so probably an issue with the API response.

I would really appreciate if you could filter the user patches by module, like you can with the racks. E.g. Display all patches containing Intellijel Atlantis (or any given module).


Just got mine the other day. So far i like it, but i would love to see some patch examples.

Go go go!

What about make noise modules? Those are not knurled..

EDIT: Ah, nut driver they're called. Did not know that.



I was wodering what tool (if any) is needed when changing a modules panel. In particular iäm thinking of those small rings/screws/nuts that holds the holes for the patch cables on the front. Any suggestions?

Would be great if Pladask could be added aswell!

I have a Mimeophon as well. What i feel is that i sometimes miss to have separate modules for delay and reverb. I keep the Mimeo cause its so hard to get a hold of where i live (and it sounds amazing).

Yiiha! Totally missed that feature.

Would be nice to be able to duplicate a module when planning a rack. Maybe a button or so on the top left like the others.


I need some advice on what to pair with my Mimeophon in order to get an effect chain as good as possible.

No need to suggest any specific modules (if you dont't want to). I want/need eihter a reverb or a delay to kind of choose direction since the Mimeo does both in a way. So what would you say is the best fit?

Two specific modules i'm considering is echophon or erbe-verb.

Thanks for the explanation. Seems i missunderstood the concept a bit. It will probably make more sense when i actually get the unit, on monday :D

Just ordered one of these to replace my good old uO_c. Have not got the module yet, but can't really find any algorithm that works, or almost works like the Quantermain in uO_c. Basically i want to feed some what generative, quantized pitch cv into to an OSC 1v/oct in. I'm staring to think that i have made a mistake here, but who knows. Of course this is not the only reason why i bought it, but one major.

This is a perfect description of what i want it to do:

I cant find anything about it in the manual tho.

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